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It's been two years since Radovan took up his sword, but when his friend from the Greater Ilkorite army needed his help, he donned his armor and headed towards the untamed northern tundra.
But the tundra does not plan on making his mission any easier. Monsters prowl the wilderness, ne'er-do-wells call the shots, and spirits are said to roam the lands.

If he wants to find his friend Nordem, he'll need to brave these dangers, and he can't do it alone.
Two other lone travelers will join him on his journey. Mira, on the run from the local outlaws, reluctantly agrees to help him to repay her debt. Ulthur, who allies with Radovan to further his own quest for knowledge, will guide him in navigating the spiritual side of the world.

Delve into dangerous dungeons, fight fearsome foes, and peer into another world, all to rescue Radovan's brother-in-arms.

And make sure to grab a coat. It's cold enough to freeze over the underworld out here!

Featured in the demo (coming eventually):
-Rewards for exploration
-Avoidable on-map encounters instead of random battles
-A short intro dungeon and a larger main story dungeon
-About an hour of gameplay

Planned Features:
-Companion quests
-Some other sidequests
-An actual world map
-Fishing minigame? (very important)

This is a WIP for the RPG Mania III game jam.
Current Progress: 15%-ish
Planned Demo Release Date: Feb 15, 2023

Latest Blog

Blazing Edge and Flash Slash

Revealing a whole 2 skills today. Ain't that something?

For the record, Blazing Edge won't be available in the demo, but it will be in the full game.
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