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It's been two years since Radovan took up his sword, but when his friend from the Greater Ilkorite army needed his help, he donned his armor and headed towards the untamed northern tundra.
But the tundra does not plan on making his mission any easier. Monsters prowl the wilderness, ne'er-do-wells call the shots, and spirits are said to roam the lands.

If he wants to find his friend Nordem, he'll need to brave these dangers, and he can't do it alone.
Two other lone travelers will join him on his journey. Mira, on the run from the local outlaws, reluctantly agrees to help him to repay her debt. Ulthur, who allies with Radovan to further his own quest for knowledge, will guide him in navigating the spiritual side of the world.

Delve into dangerous dungeons, fight fearsome foes, and peer into another world, all to rescue Radovan's brother-in-arms.

And make sure to grab a coat. It's cold enough to freeze over the underworld out here!

Featured in the demo:
-Rewards for exploration and paying attention to your surroundings
-Avoidable on-map encounters instead of random battles
-About an hour of gameplay

Planned Features:
-Companion quests
-Some other sidequests
-An actual world map
-Fishing minigame? (very important)

Current Progress: 20%-ish
Release window: Late 2023

Latest Blog

cold trail demo v1.0.5 (also no more hiatus)

Heyo, it's been a while.
I was planning on holding off on releasing this update, but there were some bugs that needed fixin. (Thanks, thesacredlobo.)
Also, I'm taking off the hiatus status. There's no longer a need for it.

Update Notes:
The Big-ish Rebalance
-The damage formula was changed from Atk/2 - Def/4 to Atk - Def/2.
-The reason for this was to make buying new equipment more impactful and to make Power multipliers appear more impactful.
-The new formula required quite a few changes, so any adjustments made because of the formula are compiled in this section.

-The player characters all have about 50% more HP.

-Red Potion and Red Mist Potion:
-HP Recovery: 20 -> 30
-Purple Potion:
-HP Recovery: 40 -> 60
-Yellow Potion:
-HP Recovery: 30 -> 45

-The formula for all healing spells has been changed. It is now based on Mnd * Power, similar to most other skills.

-The stat difference between tiers of gear has increased for most equipment. This will matter more in the full game.

-Most enemies have had their HP doubled.
-The Giant Bat has a little less Atk.
-The Castghast has a little less MAtk.
-The Oldtown boss has lower Atk.

-The damage from Bleed has been increased:
-Agi - PartyLvl/2 -> Agi * 1.2

-The damage from Poison has been increased:
-Mnd * .5 -> Mnd * .75

Map Stuff
-Added part of a tree that was missing in Doya.

Equipment Stuff
-Golem Blade sword:
-Atk: 15 -> 16
-Poison inflict chance: 20% -> 30%
-Price: 190

-Changed the icon for the Drifter Knife weapon.

Skill and State Stuff
-Twin Fangs now has a different battle message.
-Old: "Radovan strikes twice!" -> New: "Radovan's sword bites twice!"
-Flash Slash:
-Now inflicts Light-type damage
-Has a different animation.
-Act Spd: +10 -> +20
-Act Spd: 0 -> +5
-It was supposed to be +2 in demo v1.0.4, but i forgor.

-Mira's Steal no longer has a cost.

-Changed a couple of skill names.

-Changed the icon for the Bracing Blow skill.
-Changed the icon for the Reflective Edge skill.

-TP Cost: 40 -> 50
-HighJump duration: 1 turn -> 2 actions
-If hit by a fatal attack midair, the user will now fall and fail to perform the landing attack before dying.
-If killed by slip damage (poison or bleed damage), the user will still attack before dying.
-This is technically a bug, but I haven't figured out how to fix it yet.
-If the HighJump status is removed before the user can attack, the user will fall and fail to do the landing attack.

-Changed the icon for the Blind status.

-Increased the minimum effect duration of Charm from 2 to 3.

Enemy Stuff
-Castghast now has a weakness and resistance.
-Spookum now has a weakness and resistance.

Item Stuff
-HP and MP recovery items now have animations.

-Changed some descriptions.

-Mana Flask:
-MP Recovery: 15 -> 20

Sprite Stuff
-Commander Chadomir got a palette swap. Now he's wearing red!

Map Stuff
-The Oldtown Old House is now bigger and less cramped. Plus, there are a few new things in there.

-Some smaller changes.

Other Stuff
-The default for Master Volume is now 90% instead of 100%.

-Some animations have had excess frames cut off to get rid of a delay between some animations and the effects of skills.

-The battle log is now a little slower.

-Bleeding no longer makes enemies immortal in some cases.
-Radovan no longer knows the ABDCEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz skill. (What forbidden texts was he reading...?)
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