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The Deal With the Delays

tldr: the game's on dev hiatus until May/June 2023

I haven't been making many updates or progress reports for The Cold Trail. I like to think that part of the reason is that I've become a better dev since the last time I released a demo, meaning there were less things I needed to fix and add in post-release. The main reason, though, is just that I'm busy.
Since I'm busy, I won't be able to put much time into this for a while.
If there are any bugs I haven't found yet, or typos, or balance issues or whatever, I'll fix those, but don't expect much else for a while.
I plan to get back to working on this in May or June, depending on when I finish some other stuff.
Anyway, thanks for reading this rambling, and thanks to those who've showed interest in the project.


cold trail demo now available

When you forge into the tundra, it pushes back...

The demo for The Cold Trail is now available! This is a submission for the RPG Mania III game jam.

It features about an hour of content, including a couple of dungeons and an introduction to the story and characters.

Progress Report

Blazing Edge and Flash Slash

Revealing a whole 2 skills today. Ain't that something?

For the record, Blazing Edge won't be available in the demo, but it will be in the full game.

Progress Report


Implemented a Steal skill for the party thief. Sometimes, you can get some neat stuff through stealing...

Progress Report


Hey, you know how Dragoons can Jump? Yeah.
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