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cold trail demo v1.0.5 (also no more hiatus)

Heyo, it's been a while.
I was planning on holding off on releasing this update, but there were some bugs that needed fixin. (Thanks, thesacredlobo.)
Also, I'm taking off the hiatus status. There's no longer a need for it.

Update Notes:
The Big-ish Rebalance
-The damage formula was changed from Atk/2 - Def/4 to Atk - Def/2.
-The reason for this was to make buying new equipment more impactful and to make Power multipliers appear more impactful.
-The new formula required quite a few changes, so any adjustments made because of the formula are compiled in this section.

-The player characters all have about 50% more HP.

-Red Potion and Red Mist Potion:
-HP Recovery: 20 -> 30
-Purple Potion:
-HP Recovery: 40 -> 60
-Yellow Potion:
-HP Recovery: 30 -> 45

-The formula for all healing spells has been changed. It is now based on Mnd * Power, similar to most other skills.

-The stat difference between tiers of gear has increased for most equipment. This will matter more in the full game.

-Most enemies have had their HP doubled.
-The Giant Bat has a little less Atk.
-The Castghast has a little less MAtk.
-The Oldtown boss has lower Atk.

-The damage from Bleed has been increased:
-Agi - PartyLvl/2 -> Agi * 1.2

-The damage from Poison has been increased:
-Mnd * .5 -> Mnd * .75

Map Stuff
-Added part of a tree that was missing in Doya.

Equipment Stuff
-Golem Blade sword:
-Atk: 15 -> 16
-Poison inflict chance: 20% -> 30%
-Price: 190

-Changed the icon for the Drifter Knife weapon.

Skill and State Stuff
-Twin Fangs now has a different battle message.
-Old: "Radovan strikes twice!" -> New: "Radovan's sword bites twice!"
-Flash Slash:
-Now inflicts Light-type damage
-Has a different animation.
-Act Spd: +10 -> +20
-Act Spd: 0 -> +5
-It was supposed to be +2 in demo v1.0.4, but i forgor.

-Mira's Steal no longer has a cost.

-Changed a couple of skill names.

-Changed the icon for the Bracing Blow skill.
-Changed the icon for the Reflective Edge skill.

-TP Cost: 40 -> 50
-HighJump duration: 1 turn -> 2 actions
-If hit by a fatal attack midair, the user will now fall and fail to perform the landing attack before dying.
-If killed by slip damage (poison or bleed damage), the user will still attack before dying.
-This is technically a bug, but I haven't figured out how to fix it yet.
-If the HighJump status is removed before the user can attack, the user will fall and fail to do the landing attack.

-Changed the icon for the Blind status.

-Increased the minimum effect duration of Charm from 2 to 3.

Enemy Stuff
-Castghast now has a weakness and resistance.
-Spookum now has a weakness and resistance.

Item Stuff
-HP and MP recovery items now have animations.

-Changed some descriptions.

-Mana Flask:
-MP Recovery: 15 -> 20

Sprite Stuff
-Commander Chadomir got a palette swap. Now he's wearing red!

Map Stuff
-The Oldtown Old House is now bigger and less cramped. Plus, there are a few new things in there.

-Some smaller changes.

Other Stuff
-The default for Master Volume is now 90% instead of 100%.

-Some animations have had excess frames cut off to get rid of a delay between some animations and the effects of skills.

-The battle log is now a little slower.

-Bleeding no longer makes enemies immortal in some cases.
-Radovan no longer knows the ABDCEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz skill. (What forbidden texts was he reading...?)