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Lore Blogs Are Coming

  • LMPGames
  • 10/15/2023 10:08 PM
Yo! I have not forgotten about the lore blogs! I have been working on the first one, but a couple of things lined up into a perfect storm which has delayed it a bit; however, it is coming soon and the format will be changing a little bit.

I have been fiddling around with what I currently have for the first lore blog to see what kinds of issues or limits I might need to be aware of with the blog system here on RMN. Reason I need to know this is that these lore blogs are going to be so much more massive than I thought they would end up being.

I initially thought what I would do with these was a super abridged version of the history/overview for each topic. The first topic area for these will be the countries of the game world and their histories.

When I cut the first draft together and had some people read them, they felt that there wasn't enough context and instead of an understanding of events it felt like they were looking at something that felt like an overview of a timeline; it didn't really give them an idea of the formation of the countries, the different cultural adaptations around the events, and how that all culminated into the present-day game synopsis of the country.

My goal with these is to give you just that, what each country is currently like and the major events that occurred before, during, and after its founding that molded the culture and goings on to what you will see within the game.

Instead of the super-high level overview, I decided to go waist deep into various foundational aspects of the history for each country. So, much more than just a brief overview, but not quite to the level of novelization. What you'll be reading is almost kind of like a story told from only the third perspective; no, or very little, direct dialog from the historical figures and a lot of scene setting of events.

This is a much longer format. To give you perspective, the original draft was 16 pages long in Word. This new draft, for the first nation (the Felgarin Empire) is 28. Yeah, 28 pages in word (17,000 words) for just one of the three countries.

This brings up another issue. RMN has a max character limit of something around 65K for a single blog post. The current version of the blog in Word is 100K characters. Yeah, we're going to have to split these.

I would just have started pushing the first lore blog for Felgarin out today, but I want to try and figure out the best structure for this. Where the best break points are, if I need to reduce the lore can it be done but still give the proper context, that kind of stuff to polish out these blogs.

So, next week I will be posting the first part of the lore for Felgarin. I will have to figure out if I want to do this in two or three posts and determining the breaking points will help with that. I kind of like the 3 post option because then we can do something like pre-foundation history, events during and just after the foundation, and then post-foundation history.

That kind of works well for Felgarin, not so well for Gol because Gol will have much more pre-foundation lore to the point of potentially needing that time period split in order to fit it in a blog. I would like to find something that can scale to any size I need it, but still be a good format for posting.

In any case, expect a lore blog post next week and we will see where it goes from there; I suspect I will need to make modifications as we go and I run into new challenges with the lengths and pacing.


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Holy hell dude... I knew your lore was beefy, but 28 pages for the historical events for one of the empires in the game? Or wait, no, because you said this was just a selection of events that were the basis for the story foundation for each nation, so this isn't event everything still.

Damn, I couldn't be pushed into writing even three pages about a topic I really care about and you're over here writing what amounts to a short story book worth of content for just one nation in your game...

I still don't properly understand the breadth of the lore for this game it seems.... Jesus christ lmao

Don't worry about splitting stuff up. I think most will understand why it has to be done. I would just say to be careful about how each post leads into the next, but you are already taking that into consideration. As for what you could do for that, I kind of like your idea about the pre/during/post history but I think you could do something even more interesting.

What if you used these posts to create a large timeline for events, but without the "timeline"-ing. What I mean is, you pick a range of dates to use based on whatever you're using to determine the pre-during-post periods. You use these date ranges for all of the lore blogs for each topic that deals with historical events.

This way nerds like me can take all of that and map it out ourselves so you don't have to do some stupid shit to make it work for a blog post here on RMN and you can still go into the detail you want.

If a topic goes further back or forward than you're currently accounting for, then you create another date range that'll be used for similar occurrences.

That just feels like a more natural way to handle it and it helps deal with the problem you mentioned with your suggested solution.

Yo, yep. It is a lot. good thing I like long-form writing (have written several books). When I get my brain into a new world, I like to create everything about it from the beginning to the point where the story is presently told at.

I find that gives me a grounding in the world that feels much deeper and real. I also then can use all of that within the story to embellish on certain events or add in that extra layer of world-building that makes well-realized story worlds work so well.

It also means attempting to distill that down is a hard process though because of the density of information.

Speaking of that, I am 1000% on board with your suggestion for how to break up the lore blogs. That makes a lot of sense just in terms of keeping the time lines of each nation's events in sync across the posts and it also means that I have a fairly common point of comparison between all of the countries to base the blog posts off of.

I still think I will run into situations where I might have to split a blog post on a section, but if we're going by a specific date range that won't happen very often. It probably also will mean, though, more than 3 blog posts depending on how the initial time framing works for Felgarin's blog posts.

But at least I have a place to start from now. What I had proposed would have worked for Felgarin but then Gol and Dunslor would have both had issues; Gol because the pre-foundation history is massive, Dunslor because the history, overall, isn't as heavy unless I go into more depth than with the other two which I don't want to do.
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