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Noël was calmly sunbathing outside on a long chair when, out of nowhere,
holes in the sky appeared and hundreds of pink candies fell out of them.

Noël ate one of the sweets, then suddenly, visions of pain and distress appeared before his eyes.
It made Noël cry, this and the fact that the candy was delicious.

He started eating more and more of the candies who fell, until a magical door opened.
Without hesitation, Noël went through the door and found himself teleported
to a place where more magical candies awaited him, ready to be gobbled.

Once Noël ate all the candies in a certain zone
another magical door opened and teleported him to a new place again…

…Leading Noël towards an unknown destination…

Who’s exploiting Noël’s gluttonous nature?
Luring him with bread crumbs, only with candies instead.
Is it a trap? Is Noël in danger? What flavour are those candies anyway?

Find out yourself by helping Noël gobbling his way through the magically twisted world of

Since I was a kid, I have been making games with RPG Maker 2003 and I’ve always liked
to push the boundaries outside its frame to create fun and unexpected worlds.

Gobble Fantasy 2003 is a love letter to what this software
has to offer, both by using its tools or by twisting them.
The result became a fast-paced Pacman-like experience,
sprinkled with RPG elements and mixed with mysterious moments of exploration.

There’s a whole bunch of weird and colorful characters inhabiting the world of Gobble Fantasy 2003
and every month, a new character from the game is revealed!

By funding my project you get to see behind the scenes materials
+ becoming a Sticker Club member exclusive and receive a big shiny Gobble Fantasy 2003 sticker
in the mail every month!

For more info, visit my Patreon!
Dogs Understand Patreon Page

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I've been waiting for this one for a while-- let's gooooo!
Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
This looks way up my alley :D

I always wanted to make a game in a similar vein in RM2K3, but I kept procrastinating forever back when I still had the time.
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