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The game is based on Yu-Gi-Oh Season 1.
Yugi and his friends participate in a tournament after the tournament leader Maximillion Pegasus kidnaps Yugi's grandpa.


The game is focused on Summoning Monsters and Using Spell Cards

To Destroy the opponent's Monsters and opponents life points.

The Duelist Who destroys all his opponents monsters and life points wins the duel


Yugi possesses the three thousand-year-old mystical Millennium Puzzle, which allows his body to bear host to the spirit of the Puzzle, Yami Yugi.

Yami Yugi helps yugi wins his duels by taking over his body during the duels.

Yugi lives with his paternal grandfather, Solomon Muto, and his mother.

Joey :
Joey got separated from his siter serenity when he was a kid.
He goes to the Duelist Kingdom Tournament with yugi so he can win the prize and pay for his sister's operation and to help save Yugi's grandpa.

Tia : Yugi's and Joey's And Tristan's friends.
She loves supporting her friends.

Pegasus :
president of Industrial Illusions and the creator of the game of Duel Monsters. . He originally wanted to be an artist before becoming obsessed with Egypt and creating Duel Monsters.

Kaiba :
Kaiba is the leader of the world’s largest multi-national gaming company, He is also world champion in duel monsters.

Plugins : MZ3D - MOGHUNTER


I don't own yugioh or any of the rights of the show or the video game franchise

All rights belong to their original owners.  This is only a fan game

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