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Jake a bandit, has joined the survivors of a doomed city of the undead, he must defeat all of them before he loses everything and dies...

- A custom status menu
- A retry battle system
- Blood, death, etc
- Action, battle features

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  • Completed
  • Undead Lord
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Action RPG
  • 07/22/2007 05:16 PM
  • 11/02/2022 01:33 PM
  • 07/22/2007
  • 34864
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Uh so if its completed where is the download?
There seems to be a problem. The version I downloaded has no visible text, and it crashes if I encounter an enemy. The game has no apparent destination, and if I enter the building in the western area of town, I am unable to leave.
I check the problems and fix it, I'll test the game and add a new download...
Yes this game looks very, very cool but there is a exact problem as Mewd had said.
When are you gonna repair this game? Somethings wrong.
Looks very cool though. Love the tilesets and the charsets.
downloaded your game but there is no font file can you fix this
I can't see any text........ This looks like a sweet game too =(

I imagine this has been a problem for a while and still hasn't been corrected so when are you gonna fix it?
I'm a horror and zombie game fan so I will try your game and give you some feedback. Play my game Project Viral on this site if you want, it's also a zombie horror game...


Sort out the download mate. Also test the download file yourself by downloading it and opening the file you downloaded to see if it worked. I was really up for playing this game please hurry and pm if possible...
ok this is apparaent that this game is not important to him so this game is dead by me. cause if this wasnt it would be fixed.
Get the font the game needs from here

If that download doesn't work, just google for "chiller.ttf" and you'll find it soon enough.

Figured out which font it was by matching it to the text shown in one of the screenshots. Luckily, the font was distinct enough and seemed to be a horror-based font (like the game) which made the search for it easier.
Doesn't matter, the game is still unplayable, due to the issue with Data/retry.sg whenever you touch a zombie. I believe it's script related that needs to be fixed, but since the game is encrypted, only the developer can fix this.
I can't see text, which font do u use for a game?
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