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Like Nightmare of the Elven World, and Danny1&2, Call of the Archon is a game that I presume was made by Mysterious Ages and Diabolical Vengeance. It is a 2003 game, but I really am busy re-editing the game to be much more acceptable. It's a classic game nonetheless.


Call of the Archon takes place in a fantasy world named Lakeria, where a mercenary is called to Ruxam Castle by King Tau to eliminate the problems of rebels that have invaded the castle. After a skirmish with the Rebel Captain, Mikeal returns to the King, only to realize, that the King turns against Mikeal, since he is a mercenary, throwing him in the Castle Prison. Gina, Mikeal's sister breaks Mikeal out of the prison, only to realize that they haven't seen each other in a long time, and that Mikeal, was brainwashed. Though after returning to the castle to deal with King Tau, and the princess of the castle, Marina, King Tau perishes where a dark sorceress, Ashtoreth appears before them. Ashtoreth traveled from a 'Dark Future' in order to ensure that the Dark Future was meant to happen. Thus Mikeal, Marina, Gina, and other allies are dragged into a great adventure to stop Ashtoreth from creating the Dark Future of Lakeria...yet at the same time, Mikeal has visions of the Archons of Lakeria. Who are the Archons? What do they have to do with Mikeal? Play Call of the Archon now!

"Fixing" this game was a complete piece of work. Though I included a ChangeLog in the Common Events of the game. But majorly:
1) Rewrote most of the game + applied graphic design rules to messages
2) Made maps a lot more acceptable and less of the 1 tile roof problem, which is
still being worked on
3) Custom animations and states done by me
4) Replacement of monster graphics and monster names, and some unique monster
graphics for the game, including some character sets and chip sets I did
5) 43 new skills for the game that break the game's just magic skill base
including new skills for each character
And more. It's an average game, but even in it's old state I was able to get
through the game myself and critique it as I went. Otherwise, this is a
redone version of Call of the Archon, and I have thought of doing an RM2k3
version of the game, and making a second Call of the Archon on RM2k Value,
Call of the Archon 2 MORGANNA'S CURSE, continuing the story though becoming a
bit more Zelda-Final Fantasy ish.
Life is work, isn't it?

Recent "Updates" Bug Fixes
A tileset somehow, was not programmed. I had to fix that the second I saw that. Though I also ran into a strange bug around when you get Daisy, and you can somehow add characters in a nearby Inn. Dunno if that was actually supposed to happen? A mistake?? I also had went back and made some Crown Face sets to go with the Crown Character sets, because the original face sets next to default is really out of place and strange, like what's going on here. That is a visual like WTF. I am an artist. I fixed a door in the castle's prison that looked like it glitches when you try and open it. Extra sounds, screen changes to music because RPG Maker's music selection blows hard really. Some other changes I can't remember - maybe terminology and some writing weirdness. No one will care much, but I did it. oWo
2022-2023 thedarkdreamer/zenware. Mysterious Ages, Diabolical Vengeance 2003

Latest Blog

Progress! (Edit 2)

I expected not much of a review for this game. This isn't really a "great game" but it is a game, that I had played, and still play a lot when I was younger and just getting into RPG Maker.
Though now, I have redone it and a full download is now officially available with some things fixed for running the game normally. Like the Aurora City "bug" where you can still add members in Snowflake Village. Like what the hell? That didn't make any sense.
In this one...HAS A LOTTA SKILLS. A real big "DAMAGE REHAUL" as it's heavy on damage and some dual elemental spells. Why no one does them? I dunno.

Well, in terms of the progress of this game, I still have a decent amount of work to do, really. The original maps I can say are NOT the best. Some of them don't
even make any sense in terms of the construction.

Though I have 103 maps to do. 0_0 103. Dat is a lot of mapping. And a lot of the maps have the 1 block roof tile problem. -_- Like that is just...so lazy. They just need to look and feel a bit more interesting.

Now it is 60 maps that need more work. :O That was kinda fast??? Though after this I may have to look into all the events, but I'm pretty sure I covered most of the events by now. :O I'm a T R O O P A, son. A T R O O P A.

(Edit 2):
Now it's 16 maps!! :O OMG PROGRESS!! Though I also want to give enemies more skills because the original creators have the enemies and troops doing really the bare minimal of skills and attacks that can be dealt to Mikeal's party. :/ Obviously there was no attempt to make newer skills, which I am doing. I dunno if I want to add dual or triple elemental skills, this might be a deluxe bonus for this Call of the Archon! I'll have to think that one through, because this is a heavy damage based game, so maybe, just maybe...

(Edit 3):
Finally, in anticipation, I managed to finish the game!!! That was...a lot of work. It actually was. If you are curious what I did, I provided a changelog that can be viewed in RPG Maker 2000, and 2000 Value. Though, I just got done with all the maps, and added a whole section of unique enemy skills, and now DUAL ELEMENTAL AND MULTI ELEMENTAL SPELLS, something that I haven't really seen a lot of RPG Maker 2k games really do. Enemies can also DO dual elemental spells, though I had made the spells incremented through out the game. At least I tried to, there's FIRE/COLD, THUNDER/WIND, FIRE/HOLY, THUNDER/WATER, COLD/WIND, and FIRE/EARTH, where you'll see some animations from a different game I was trying to make.
For the game, I also decided to add some more mechanics for states;
Shock, Mindfog (Mindblown), Down (Knocked Down), Charmed, Tangled, Petrification, and Metal, and I made the states work with the game too.
I've seen ZERO RPG Maker Games used knocked down like in Dragon Warrior. What's going on here? It's pretty simple to do. Mindfog was rewritten to make sense instead of "Mindblown" because your "mind" gets fogged up and you lose SP's for 0 turns. Tangled, and Metal are unique for the game, where you get "tangled up in vines", and you can't move that also screws over your defense that is halved, and Metal, where your character becomes encased in metal like petrification, you can't move, and screws over your agility so your agility is halved.

It is now playable! Yahoo!!
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