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Welcome To Sapphire City
After a decade of darkness, humanity has emerged intact but fragile. A new societal order has been established, with corporations testing the boundaries of their new freedoms and old powers grappling with the immensity of their decline. One city stands strong against the winds of change, bathed in a sapphire glow, the streets are watching, waiting. This is the stage where old titans clash and new bonds are forged, where one man’s past resurfaces dragging him into a world of deception, intrigue and hope.

Explore a dystopian city block.
Talk to the locals to expand the story.
Face obstacles, each with multiple paths to progress.
Read data-slates to reveal elements of an intricate universe.
Traverse the city's sewers and face hidden terrors.
Uncover secrets.

About the Game
Sapphire City is a short narrative-driven game with adventure elements set in the near future. This is the first game in a planned series. Any feedback, issues or suggestions please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for your time.
Estimated playtime: 45 minutes - 1 hour
Mouse, Keyboard and Controller Support
Contains some flashing images

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