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You just inherited a house from a deceased aunt, in the rural town of Broken Falls, but to your surprise, her spirit still habits said house.

She reveals to you that she didn't just die, but was killed by one of the residents of Broken Falls, and can only ascend after said crime is solved and she has no regrets left.

The player, you, is tasked with solving the mystery of your ghostly aunt, but also help the other citizens with their own daily problems. Their relationships are entangled in a web of drama and the only way to figure it out is getting close to important characters in town, by giving presents, saying what they want to hear, so that they can trust you and are convinced to share their secrets.


- Calendar system:
--- Day/night cycle
--- Seasons
--- NPC schedules
--- Seasonal Festivals

- branching sub-stories
- mini-games
- randomized dungeon crawling:
- puzzles

While the focus is the life simulation and story, there is also:

- Classic farming gameplay
--- buy seeds, plant, water, harvest, then either sell or give as a present
(giving presents may lead to hidden events)
--- buy an animal and take care of it
--- buy farm tools that can be used to open hidden paths

Making money is the way to advance the story, as many npcs require a monetary exchange to accept talking at first.
It's intended to be a chill experience,
With many opportunities to make progress in different ways and every day ingame is planned as to have a new event happening. Even if the player just decides to do nothing, the world will keep moving without his input.

Latest Blog

Personal devlog #1

I'll make a small checklist here from time to time, to try to keep myself organized.

- Calendar system: ------------------ complete 100%
--- Day/night cycle ----------------- complete 100%
--- Seasons ------------------------- complete 100%
--- NPC schedules ------------------- in progress (priority right now)
--- Seasonal Festivals -------------- implemented (needs content)

- branching sub-stories
- mini-games
- randomized dungeon crawling ------- implemented (to do: create more levels)
- puzzles

- Classic farming gameplay
--- buy seeds, plant, water, harvest --------- complete 100% (Needs polish)
--- buy an animal and take care of it -------- dropped (no practical function)
--- buy farm tools --------------------------- complete 100%