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Personal devlog #5

  • richterw
  • 05/27/2023 09:02 AM
In progress:

30% - adding tidbits of dialogue for the npcs that acknowledges the player actions in side-quests and other events. Many set conditions will be the factor to determine what a certain npc "knows" of the player actions.
85% - polishing up villagers portraits
- polishing general graphics
- adding animations for unique moments in their schedule (npc eating, drinking, cleaning, dancing, playing, talking, etc...)

To do:

- randomized dungeon crawling ---- implemented (to do: create more levels)
- add Temple of Seasons - a unique dungeon that will change and have different rooms and puzzles accessible depending on the season.
- add extra "tourists" npcs that appear only in certain days
- test "randomized side-quest" concept - a set of pre-made seeds that could generate daily quests for the player to engage and earn some money and other rewards
- implement different endings depending on completed side-quests and player choices


100% --- buy seeds, plant, water, harvest
100% --- buy farm tools
100% --- Calendar system:
100% --- Day/night cycle
100% --- Seasons
100% --- NPC schedules ---------- 9 families, 29 villagers + portraits added for important villagers
100% --- Seasonal Festivals
100% --- Main story
100% - daily mini-games (could be played to earn some money)
100% - branching sub-stories (side-quests)


It is tempting for me to implement many features related to a social life simulation similar to Fable games, that tend to handle dialogue like a sims game, but i'm cautious in avoiding the feature creep trap.

At least the dating aspect will be expanded, where the player will need to:
1 - give presents to get closer to girls
2 - Complete their side-quest to fully gain their trust
3 - Go on a romantic date (that may go right or wrong depending on choices)
4 - Possibly have them as "wifes" and having kids. The player should also be able to steal an already married wife from at least 3 npcs, being 5 dateable women in total.

Many mini-games that require a decent level of complexity were implemented, like a memory mini-game, blackjack and a harder variation, mini-games that use a QTE setup, bets on chicken racing, work as an attendant at the bar at night, hunt sheeps in the forest, collect fruits from trees, and many others.

As the last devlog stated, the game is indeed fully playable from beginning to end, being constantly play-tested, but not yet ready to release, as much content is still being inserted and polished up. The mundane gameplay on the simulation aspect is being polished to be just as enjoyable and fun as the linear story sections and side-quests. It is that case of "make the game you would want to play", so it will only be really finished when it is felt that just walking around and looking at things is an entertaining experience.


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The gameplay mechanics look rather faithfull to the original. I'm rather curious to test it when it's released.
The gameplay mechanics look rather faithfull to the original. I'm rather curious to test it when it's released.

Thanks for the interest. I'm doing my best to have something fun to play with.
Variety in things to do is always something i strive for, and now that i have a decent knowledge of programming, i feel that i can reasonably realize that with this project.
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