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SQUIRMUNITY is more than just a videogame. It's an experience, pioneering INGENIOUS anti-player design, yet also being one of the few games to have the SINGULARITY assist in its development!

Your name is Cubicle, and you're just a small CUBE in a big world! This is how you squirted yourself into a munity, in a non-erotic fun-loving cube way. You're a new arrival in town, and you want to leave good first impressions, don't you? You'll come across tons of unique characters who mold you as a cube, to become the cube that all of Squirmunity needs. . .

Converse with morally upright characters without any RPG maker combat inbetween!
Travel all three corners of the Earth with your trusty companion, Cubicle!
And engage in inexplicable dating minigames in a game without romance.


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hope to push out V2 around May 1st. been working on it for a while lots of stuff and bug fixes and polish

i hate you cali i love you cali we love you cali Size 40 Text


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Nice title, heh. But maybe reword the epileptic comment?
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