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Progress Report

Version 0.3.0 - the Beta is Here!

Grand news! The first "official" demo of Pinnacle has now officially been released!

I expect it to be rife with bugs, so I give my thanks in advance to anyone who will report them after encountering them in the game.


Game content

  • Added a new side mission (3 different conclusions)

  • Added a new type of trainable troop

  • Added a new story chapter and a new army battle


  • Enemies are now more aggressive towards defense objectives.


  • Now every class (except the Tactician) has a signature passive ability.

  • Rangers, Cuirassiers and Snipers already had passive skills.

  • Alchemist: adds half his Magic value to the efficiency of arcanite and healing items.

  • Rider: Physical attacks deal more damage the farther they have traveled during that turn

  • Brute: gains a Strength bonus when taking damage.

  • Skirmisher: allows repositioning after hitting an enemy with a physical attack (replaces the En Passant skill, which is now gone)

  • Marksman: Can shoot point blank targets and gains a bonus to critical rate against them.

  • Pilgrim: once per battle, resists a lethal blow surviving with 1 HP and increases Dodge by 100% for one turn.

  • Arcanist: Buffs(2) Magic when ending their turn without acting.

Stat growths of some classes have been adjusted to account for the new skills:

  • Skirmisher: HP 150%->130%, Luck 65%->60%

  • Rider: Strength 80%->75%, Agility 60%->55%

  • Marksman: Luck 70%->60%, Agility 70%->75%, HP 120%->125%

  • Alchemist: Magic 80%->70%

  • Ranger: SP 40%->60%


  • The Double-Time tactics skill could be used as a Rapid skill: fixed.


  • Adjusted life bar width for larger enemies

  • Added an icon to the health bar of boss enemies

  • Fixed a minor error that skewed the alignment of some heroes in the menu screen

  • Added a scrolling effect to dialogue windows.


  • Solved bug that sometimes didn't show the choice window during dialogue

  • Solved bug that showed different characters in the status window when choosing who to attack

  • Solved bug that displayed the message window erroneously when leveling up after hitting a boss with a post-mortem quip.

  • Solved a bug where Garcia was still wounded and immobile if recruited in his camp.

  • Troubadour's attack was considered a Bow instead of a Gun attack: fixed.

  • The bites of the Serpent troop were considered a Bow attack: fixed.

  • One of Corgon's dialogues in the observatory displayed the options wrong: fixed.

  • The game sometimes crashed when recruiting Qiriza.

  • In Camp Hope's bookstore the Incendiary Flask manual was sold both in the regular and the Rarity sections: fixed.

Progress Report

Version 0.2.7 is here!


Dopo una lunga pausa e diverse ottimizzazioni al codice, finalmente è uscito un aggiornamento della demo!


Nuova battaglia, nuovo personaggio reclutabile!
Diverse ottimizzazioni per ridurre il lag in battaglia aggiunte.


Aggiunti tutorial extra.


Sfascio non infliggeva danni raddoppiati ai cancelli o alle porte: Fixato

Sangue Bollente (abilità innata di Maydan) ora fornisce +10% schivata contro magia (precedentemente era +10% schivata, +1 Resistenza vs fuoco)

L'abilità "Perforazione" era nella categoria sbagliata: Fixato

Aggiunta nuova abilità: Carisma. Il libro è acquistabile a Campo Speranza.


Adesso le schermate di Oggetti, Abilità e Negozio mostrano alcune statistiche degli oggetti utilizzabili e delle abilità (incluse quelle apprese dai libri)

Risolto un bug che mostrava in modo errato il raggio di abilità o attacchi con raggio minimo (come Bottiglia Incendiaria)


After a fairly long hiatus and a ton of code review and optimization, a new update is available for the game!


New battle, new recruitable party member!
Several optimizations addressing lag during battle have been added.


Added extra tutorials for advanced tactics and army battles.


Wrecker didn't double its damage against doors and gates:

Boiling Blood (Maydan's Innate skill) now gives him +10% evasion against magical attacks (used to be +10% evasion, +1 resistance against fire)

The Armor Piercer skill was in the wrong category: Fixed

Added a new skill to help gather Recruits in early game: Charisma. Its skill book can be bought in Camp Hope.


Item, Skill and Shop screens now show the power, range and accuracy of items and skills (including skill books)

Solved a bug that displayed the range erroneously in menus for skills with a minimum range.

Progress Report

Version 0.2.5 now live

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