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Version 0.3.0 - the Beta is Here!

Grand news! The first "official" demo of Pinnacle has now officially been released!

I expect it to be rife with bugs, so I give my thanks in advance to anyone who will report them after encountering them in the game.


Game content

  • Added a new side mission (3 different conclusions)

  • Added a new type of trainable troop

  • Added a new story chapter and a new army battle


  • Enemies are now more aggressive towards defense objectives.


  • Now every class (except the Tactician) has a signature passive ability.

  • Rangers, Cuirassiers and Snipers already had passive skills.

  • Alchemist: adds half his Magic value to the efficiency of arcanite and healing items.

  • Rider: Physical attacks deal more damage the farther they have traveled during that turn

  • Brute: gains a Strength bonus when taking damage.

  • Skirmisher: allows repositioning after hitting an enemy with a physical attack (replaces the En Passant skill, which is now gone)

  • Marksman: Can shoot point blank targets and gains a bonus to critical rate against them.

  • Pilgrim: once per battle, resists a lethal blow surviving with 1 HP and increases Dodge by 100% for one turn.

  • Arcanist: Buffs(2) Magic when ending their turn without acting.

Stat growths of some classes have been adjusted to account for the new skills:

  • Skirmisher: HP 150%->130%, Luck 65%->60%

  • Rider: Strength 80%->75%, Agility 60%->55%

  • Marksman: Luck 70%->60%, Agility 70%->75%, HP 120%->125%

  • Alchemist: Magic 80%->70%

  • Ranger: SP 40%->60%


  • The Double-Time tactics skill could be used as a Rapid skill: fixed.


  • Adjusted life bar width for larger enemies

  • Added an icon to the health bar of boss enemies

  • Fixed a minor error that skewed the alignment of some heroes in the menu screen

  • Added a scrolling effect to dialogue windows.


  • Solved bug that sometimes didn't show the choice window during dialogue

  • Solved bug that showed different characters in the status window when choosing who to attack

  • Solved bug that displayed the message window erroneously when leveling up after hitting a boss with a post-mortem quip.

  • Solved a bug where Garcia was still wounded and immobile if recruited in his camp.

  • Troubadour's attack was considered a Bow instead of a Gun attack: fixed.

  • The bites of the Serpent troop were considered a Bow attack: fixed.

  • One of Corgon's dialogues in the observatory displayed the options wrong: fixed.

  • The game sometimes crashed when recruiting Qiriza.

  • In Camp Hope's bookstore the Incendiary Flask manual was sold both in the regular and the Rarity sections: fixed.