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It has been one hundred years. One hundred years since you were captured and a plot (or rather a sickly joke) to take over the universe and overthrow the king was enacted. Now the world is run by literal clowns, and you (the Director) must overthrow the overthrowee, and take back the honor of the king.

In this game you will explore a slightly nonlinear world, and find the original creators to solve the problem of the jester. Fight tough but fair bosses with an easy to understand but flexible battle system, and take on enemies from ghosts to businessmen. You will also have to manage your health with items well, as there are very few healing checkpoints.


-2 and a half to 3 hours of gameplay
-No grinding
-Retry battles after death
-More clowns
-27 custom songs sent straight into your earholes
-Even MORE jesters
-Blood (On occasion)
-Entropy (in droves)

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  • 03/27/2023 04:15 PM
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