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You are a guest at the famous Beautiful Umlaut Game. The prize for the winner is... to discover your future from the presenting robot Umlaut Dieresis! What a honor! However, you must complete three mini-games, three challenges to be analyzed by the namesake host and maybe even make him have some fun, since this program is decidedly unconventional.

The three trials will challenge your patience, concentration, and finally strategy...or so it seems. These tests are actually extravagant ideas from an even more eccentric robot. There's definitely something more to it...and if you can also get a nice reward for discovering it, all the better!

...Overcoming three...somethings from a robot? I don't know anymore, help! I am stuck here standing still listening to bangers, spinning an endless Wheel of Fortune and fighting him everyday. I just wanted to know my future, I didn't expect all of this! Run away, or it will be too late!

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