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Trigger Warning
-Blood and Gore
-Fantasy Violence
-Mild Sexual Themes
-Suggestive Themes
-Crude Humor
-Drug References
-Creepy Bad Endings
-Brief references to sexual abuse and self harm (non graphic)
-References to real world crimes.
You have been warned. Viewer discretion is advised.

On the promised day, two worlds, one of law and one of chaos, will merge and become one. Upon the false one's awakening of the ancient relic, lawful reality will become consumed in the chaos of fantasy, the fictive becoming one with the real. All will be transfigured, and the world shall begin anew. The Great Incursion, the awakening of all who live and the lifting of the veil... All this is fated to happen. All by the goddess' grand design...
-The Chronicles of Chronicles, 7:3, Verse 1

"Where... where am I... Wait... my voice... what happened to me?" "So, you're finally awake." A young girl with long brown hair wearing a black and gold frilly dress sat in a dark room. In front of her was a blonde woman with her hair tied back in a braid, wearing glasses and a woman's suit. She had her hands laying on the table in a serious matter. Was this some sort of interrigation? She couldn't remember anything. However, the girl seemed to recognize that woman. It was her history teacher, Ms.Snow.

Wait... her? Isn't she, he, whatever, a guy? What is going on? "Why the hell am I a girl? What's with this dress? My body feels all weird... like there's something sticking out of my back. My ears feel weird too..." She then reached behind her only to find a pair of silky wings stretched behind her. Was this a dream? What was going on? "I bet you're very confused right now. My name is Sterling Snow. You may know me as your history teacher, but in reality I am an agent of O.P.T.I.C., Occultic Paranormal and Temporal Investigative Commanders. It is a secret branch of the UN that investigates paranormal happenings across the globe. We were supposed to be top-secret. However, something happened just today that made us have to go public. A worldwide calamity we call "The Incursion."

Exactly 1030 years ago, humans and mystics lived alongside one another. Magick flowed freely across the world, and humanity was able to harness it to great success. However, humanity forsake the magick, and war broke out between humans and the mystics, or magickal creatures. This war almost destroyed the entire world, so King Arthur of legend used the mythical sword Excalibur, the true Excalibur, to split this world in twain into two opposite dimensions. The world where you once resided, Earth, the world of man, and Zutara, the world of magick. Now however, the worlds have merged once more, and humanity as a whole is beginning to merge with their "other selves," beings from the other side.

This would normally be a thing done slowly with heavy preparation, but someone managed to active the incursion early, causing what you see now. We call this person "the false one" based on the ancient prophesies contained within the "Chronicles of Chronicles" a grimoire found alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls that foretells all past and future events. Due to the secrets held within that could destabilize the entire world, it was contained by O.P.T.I.C. and unable to be read by anyone but the High Council. I am part of that High Council. In fact, I'm not even a human at all."

Sterling then raised her right braid, revealing pointed elvish ears. "I am an alfar, a race of mystical beings with powerful magickal abilities. It seems you have become an Alfar too... and the most powerful kind as well." "But that doesn't explain why I am a girl! Why the heck did I turn female?" "Our other selves don't always match what we are on the outside. Our world is corrupted, tainted by the flesh of the Dark One. However, separated from the taint of dark flesh, the other world of magick was free from disease, genetic abnormalities, and other things. You, my dear friend, were never a man to begin with.

The only reason you were born physically male was because of genetic error, a result of humanity's corrupted essence. Without the flaws of the corrupted flesh, you were born as you truly are, a woman." "That's crazy. I don't believe you." "Then tell me, how do you feel, now that you are free from the chains that bind you." "I feel... normal... I guess? Nothing has really changed except that I feel just a tad happier, I think?" "See, that is proof enough that you are happy as you truly are. If that wasn't the case, you would be consumed in despair. But you are happy." "So, what now?" "Tell me... your name." "My name?" "Yes your name."

"Noah, though I never really liked it." "Not really fitting for your new form." "You're right... maybe Noel will do better. I've always liked that name, especially since I was born in December." "Okay then. Noel, I have a proposition. How about you join OPTIC with me? You possess great power, you could be very useful in our upcoming mission." "And that is?" "Freeing this town from it's pillar, weapons sent by the false one to subjugate this planet and transfigure it into his paradise of delusion. 22 they exist in number, and we must destroy all of them before they activate the "Neon Genesis Wave" and recreate the world in the false one's image." "Then what are we waiting for? We need to get to that pillar!" "I see you're already in the mood. Okay, let's do this. To Pillar Fornax-3!"

Noel and the Tower of Doom is a traditional turn-based RPG with heavy dungeon crawling elements. In this game you explore a massive tower, Fornax-3, in order to stop an apocalyptic event known as the "Neon Genesis," the continuation of the incursion. The tower has exactly 60 floors, and it's your job to climb all of them to reach the top. Floors are bite sized and easily repayable, with every 10 floors featuring a powerful boss monster you must defeat to move forward. A save room exists every 5 floors to bring you back to any other save room, and generally the game should take around 10 hours to complete, more if you plan on going for 100% completion. AP (this game's version of MP) is extremely scarce, so you're expected to return often back to town, Centerfield Port, to restock on items, buy new equipment, and rest in Noel's house to refuel and get ready to get back in the action. The game was made for the "Event Event" event on RMN using the "Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam", "50 Days of Representation", and "A Rainbow of Positivity" event prompts. (the primary one is the one dungeon one) The game is expected to release in December 2023.

-Over 10 hours of gameplay
-12 different endings, including MANY creepy bad endings.
-2 distinct gameplay routes
-4 secret bosses
-Octopath Traveler inspired class and battle system
-Intricate lore and worldbuilding involving deep metaphysical and spiritual themes
-Upgradable weapons and armor
-Actual positive transgender representation, including the protagonist.
-And more!

Noel Strongarm

Age: 24
Gender: Female (formerly male)
Race: Alfar - Pixie Tribe (formally human)
Element: Light
Starting Class: Wizard
Description: A formally male college student magickly transformed into a female fairy-like organism called an "Alfar" upon the "incursion," a calamitous event that caused the worlds of man and magick to become one and for people to merge with their other selves. She seems to enjoy her new body and life, and immediately accepted Sterling's offer to destroy the pillars and save humanity from the Neon Genesis.

Sterling Snow

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Alfar - Sylph Tribe (?)
Element: Thunder
Starting Class: Artificer
Description: A member of the high council of OPTIC, a global paramilitary organization who's goal is to investigate supernatural phenomenon and keep them hidden from the public. After the incursion happened and the veil lifted, OPTIC fell into chaos and split into many splinter groups. Sterling is the leader of the current biggest group, a group who's aim is to stabilize the world after the incursion while using the newly-revealed magickal powers to benefit humanity rather than leading humanity back into the shadows of ignorance, as that's far more effort than it's worth. For the past 4 years she served as a spy in Centerfield Community College, working as a history professor in order to try to find both the "child of destiny" and the "false one," both said to live in the state of Virginia. She didn't end up finding either, but she did find a certain someone possessing a dragonbrand no one has ever seen before... Noel.

Goliath Strongarm

Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Frost Dwarf (formerly human)
Element: Water
Starting Class: Warden
Description: Noel's younger brother who was transformed into his "OC," the frost dwarf Goliath. He is mischievous and conniving, but cares deep down. He is a master strategist, and with his new body he now has the strength to match it. Was originally unreceptive to Noel's transformation, but began to accept it over time.


Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Element: Fire
Starting Class: Fighter
Description: A person Noel and Sterling found on the ground when venturing into the pillar Fornax-3, the eponymous "Tower of Doom." They seem to possess little to no memory except for their name, "Zed," which they question might not even be their actual name. They believe that if they can climb to the top of the tower, they can recover their lost memories. Noel and Starling decide to bring them along only because of their sheer power in battle, which could prove to be very useful on the trek to the top.


Story & Concept
-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong


-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong (Characters, Battlers, CGs)
-Ocamaru (Sonic Sprites)
-Crowesh (Sonic OC Faces)
-4chan (Noel Rage Face)
-William K. Hartmann (Opening5)
-Aekashics (Battlers)
-Pokemon Infinite Fusion (Battlers)
-Triumph Studios (Title Screen)
-Google (skyOverDC)
-rpgmaker.net (Lolbanne)
-FallenAngelOlivia (Damage)
-u/kmm625 (mermaidEnding CG)
-Gabriel Soares (Shadow Ogre enemy)
-Matt Patches (Skretchk Sprite)
-Beauflour (Ball Pit Parallax)
-kyu-erien (Darkstar)

-Ryuji Sasai (Flame and Arrow)
-Shoji Meguro (Nothing is Promised, Battle at the End of Time, Final Ascent, So Happy World, Tartarus, Empty Forest, School Days, Heartbeat Heartbreak)
-Yasunori Nishiki (Fierce Encounter, The Wicked, Invitation to Darkness, At Your Back)
-Modest Mussorgsky (Night on Bald Mountain)
-Kenji Hiramatsu (Words that Never Reached You)
-Siivagunner (Words that Never Reached You, LETS DO THIS MY WAY)
-Yoshinori Mitsuda (Child Who Brought this Despair, Fire Ascent, Scars of Time)
-Naoshi Mizuta (The Final Battle)
-Yukihiro Jindo (Proud Grudge)
-Noriyasu Agematsu (The Devil is a Pink Horse)
-Noriyuki Iwadare (Earth Ascent)
-Michiru Yamane (Wind Ascent)
-Manami Kiyota (Water Ascent)
-Masahiko Yoshimura (Rest Area)
-Yuzo Koshiro (BadEnd)
-Jeff Ball (From Our Hearts)
-KADOKAWA (Truth Unveiled)
-Enterbrain (Truth Unveiled)
-Koji Hayama (Punch Out)
-Toby Fox (LETS DO THIS MY WAY, The Door)
-Shota Kageyama (Top Floor)
-Noboa Umatsu (The Unforgiven)
-Minako Adachi(Awakening)
-RichaadEB (Awakening)
-LittleVMills (Awakening)
-Koji Kondo (Encountering Evil)
-Yumi Kawamura (School Days)
-Kenichi Tsuchiya (Black Market)

This game does not use AI in any way, shape, or form. A delisted demo did feature AI art, which has since been removed. The final game does not use AI. You can find the demo on other sites, but not on here. Thank you for your time.

Latest Blog

Noel and the Tower of Doom has finally been released!

Hello everyone. I am proud to announce that after a long, challenging 6 months of development, Noel and the Tower of Doom is finally finished! Originally just supposted to be a small-scale project to celebrate pride month that would take at most a month or two to come out, the project ballooned in scope to encompass a 10+ hour long RPG with 12 unique endings, 60+ floors of dungeons, over 20 different boss encounters, and a lot, and I mean a lot, of dialogue. But, against all odds, I actually managed to finish the game in it's entirety, and now it's avalible for everyone to play with it's base 1.0 release! I will most likely release a small update in the coming weeks that, among other things, will lower the file size dramatically as well as fix some known visual bugs. Other than that, the game is fully playable from beginning to end including the secret route and all 12 possible endings!

This was pretty much my "big project" of 2023. What was originally a small distraction to get my mind of Chronicles Meteorfall's development hell became my go-to game and the follow up to 2021's Chronicles The Lost Page. However, during the development of this game I learned numerous new skills, both in game making process as well as real world skills. This means that the wait is nearly over, Chronicles Meteorfall will come out next year, no matter what. Chronicles Meteorfall will be my 10 year anniversary game, releasing on December 25th 2024, the 10 year anniversary of the day that I started up RPG Maker VX Ace for the first time when I was only 12 years old. (Christmas 2014) Now that Noel and the Tower of Doom is 100% complete, I can move development back to Chronicles Meteorfall, which during the time I was working on NToD I finally came to a conclusion of what the final mechanics of the game would be and what I would do to accomplish them. Get excided, because at long last Chronicles Meteorfall will come next year after a long, long 5 year development cycle!

I hope you all enjoy playing Noel and the Tower of Doom, and I also hope you also look forward to Chronicles Meteorfall next year and the games to follow! Thanks for following what I've been up to the last decade or so and I hope you all have a wonderful day. Adios.
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