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The currently available download is a tech-demo with the source code. Only download if you are interested in the game engine and not the plot/gameplay.

This is a technical demo that demonstrates a few capabilities that can be pretty easily achieved using Lite-C. These include:

- Terrain and heightmaps
- Animated level objects
- Distance fog
- Particle Systems
- WIP Dialog System

Targets for this project are as follows

- To improve the quality of animation within the realms of not doing motion capture (Because I can't)
- Create enemies that attack with an acceptable level of intelligence and awareness
- Design terrains that have a beginning and and an end, perhaps in chunks so that an open world can be achieved.
- Make realistic explosion particle systems
- Place terrain objects automatically.

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This reminds me of Mechwarrior 2. Which is a good thing.
I'm sure you'll excel at this game, ken
This looks real neat, subscribing.
I've always secretly want to make a 3d mecha game and looking at this make me wanna learn lite-C now XD
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