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"Marsha, don't give up. Harold will, and always, remember you..." Upon the decision to return to Earth after a promising mission, a force emerges... Growing at exponentially high frequencies, the crew of HAROLD HEARTS IV face a moment that changes everything they've ever had... (Oh no!!)

This is a story starring Harold the Hero and his "MV" default crew, set in a sci-fi universe. A comedy RPG mixed with serious "musical opera" cinematic storytelling! This game will be at least one or two hours long, and possibly more than five hours long in the full version.

No levels and no grinding: stat increases are managed by the skill tree system using Knowledge Points acquired from battle.
Comedy mixed with serious cinematic storytelling: where a "musical opera" visual presentation goes hand-in-hand with emotional storytelling!
Strategic turn-based combat: a battle system where a typical JRPG "attack, attack, and attack" may not usually work; some basic thinking may be required to have an advantage in battle!
Tactical battles: In addition to the standard turn-based combat, there is a tactical battle system for fleet and army combat.

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  • 04/16/2023 09:17 PM
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May we see a video?
Here is an unlisted video of an outdated first fifteen minutes of scenes:
*link removed*

EDIT: Removed because I changed the game planning direction.
This look's Great!

Thanks!! ^^
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