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Based on the videogay Titenic (Your text to link here...), of famous recognition and high appraise by its fans. Originally loyal to the movie of the samename (19997), Titenic 2 is the sequel that the story rightfully deserves and needed!!.

Made for the Event Event event, themed around Badaptation and Cursed Sequels (4th and 5th birthdays).

Jack McTitenic is back! And he's angrier as ever. Only amnesiac.
Only him (Jack) can break the nightmarish cycle and save Rose
McEightyFour from the unforgettable memes.

Now go and defeat all! And uh yeah.

  • Beat enemies with punch and bomb.
  • Realistic graphics!
  • Explore the ghost ship of Titenic.
  • Upgrade your boi.
  • Beat the shit off Rose because she's the final boss, probably maybe not telling.

Arrows/WASD - Movement
Z: Jump (referred in-game as "A")
X: Attack (referred in-game as "B")

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About this game


So here's a kind of postmortem, immediately after I upload this sort of demo thing.
I basically want to rant about how many things I left out in the uh drawing board, so to speak. I'll add the notes I had for this dumb idea.

Jack is trapped on a nightmare after dying.
Rose is dead (it's been 84 years).
Rose fights like Kenshiro (?).
Jack is Titenic all along (transforms into Titen Sonic).
There's no text boxes, except besides one 16x16 square with 256 colors.
There's a spider somewhere (?).
Mr. Scissorsguy is here from Clock Towahh, and maybe even blobby bro.
I don't remember the name of the other guy so you don't either.

DONE Room9: Ship's engine room, at bottom. First boss! ><
DONE Room10: Filler over engine room (?).
DONE Room11 and 12: Ship's deck.
DONE Player attacks support
DONE - Slide
DONE - Stand attack
DONE - Run attack
DONE - Air attack
DONE - Crouch attack
DONE - Ladder attack
DONE DamagingBlock
DONE - Life
DONE Enemies: Basic ghoul, jumping spooder (left-right)
DONE Powerup interaction
DONE - Super Boots: enable double jump and dash -> at Room3
- Bomb: Can drop/throw bombs by holding attack for 1s. -> at bottom of ship (room9? todo)
Boss1: At Room9 (?). Rose.

So, from the notes you'll have to ignore like 90%, because there were a couple things there that were scrapped, because heck what was I thinking, I don't understand time lol. Jack is indeed on a nightmare world sort of thing, and Rose is also dead now, since it's the futurrrrr. But Rose unfortunately isn't playable. I was gonna give the option of unlocking her after maybe beating her first or something. I also scrapped the Titen Sonic idea, it was some stupid thing I thought at some random point, I wonder if I got drunk with Coke or something idk.

Metroidvania it is! However, I kinda felt that due to me eventually getting serious, it got into a uh... like I focused too much on building mechanics and not making a funny game. It doesn't feel especially good to play either, and it's lacking important polish (stairs). So it's on an awkward middle ground that doesn't accomplish well any of the objectives: be fun and feel nice to play. Or something.

I ended up discarding the "no textbox rule" too. But this is fine. I mean, I wanted to pack it with funny things, and what's easier than write a bunch of nonsense? So there's that.

The 16x16 square also was just a dumb joke where I intentionally broke the pallete rules that I was following for everything else in the game: no more than 4 colors per tile, only one layer for the tilemap, sprites also only 3 colors + transparent. The portrait at the start of the game is the only part where you see more than 4 colors, but it's actually a sprite with extra colors, similar to how Mario 2 and Megaman give extra colors to certain sprites. And so on.

And finally, spider and clock tower references fell off my mind totally and I'd not add them since I can't remember what was in my mind at all when I wrote those down. I do know why the spider, it was a random detail I added to the starting room. But in the end spider boss got scrapped in lieu of just having Rose in.

And that's it for this post-mortem. Will this thing continue? Probably not. Here's the github repository btw, this project is open source. Don't ask me anything tho if you uh do whatever, I can't help you.

Also, here is the two songs used, both from Silvagunner. Was running out of time, and I couldn't make up a couple songs off thin air in less than 2 hours. I tried confronting Famitracker but I failed. It also felt like anything I'd do would just feel like filler, and tbh Silvagunner's work is at least funny and worked well with the half-assed "meme plot" I ended up adding to the story.

Thanks for reading!
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  • 04/18/2023 04:53 AM
  • 04/29/2023 10:46 PM
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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Titenic 2 is most certainly one of the games of all time.
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