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According to legend, the stars were the first Creators. Their power came from two sources: magic and time. With it, they made our planet and our civilization. However, the peaceful empire attracted a dark being. The Creators fought long and hard, and in the end, they only prevailed by encasing the creature in a void of time-- where it was transferred into the future.

Countless millennia later, the upper continent divided into two Empires: Cerekol and Kuruga. Constantly at war, their feud reached its peak. The Empires grew more and more restless, and disorder marked the continent.

Despite all these troubles, we find our hero living a decent life in the peaceful Recuerdo Woods-- until his father was injured working for the King's Army. Trembling with rage, the young child called together a group of friends to fight the hated Kurugans. But that night, before any further plans could be made, a terrible scream filled the air-- and the boy vanished.

Eight long years later, Nocilis awakens in a new world with no recollection of what had happened to him in the woods. To his horror, his father has been murdered by a new threat: the band of thieves and spies, Omnisia, headed by none other than his old friend Lucian. He leaves for the forest to try and figure out the unsettling mysteries of his friends, his family, his past. There, he embarks on a journey through time itself-- where there is no turning back.

Omnisia is mainly a puzzle game, with an interesting plot and battles to back it up. It is a great adventure with optional unlockables and sidequests for the explorers, like new weapons or skills, and even a character. Features include:

* Three fully evented "special tools" for each dungeon-- use these to destroy or maneuver around obstacles whether in dungeons or outside
* Three action-packed, puzzling dungeons that make you THINK before you can advance
* An (optional) semi-dungeon for training, rewards, and a hidden character
* Default battle system, except with new skills, status effects, and "Blitz" moves, where you input buttons for skills
* A world map, not for exploring, but for teleporting to places quicker
* and more!

Originally created for a contest, Omnisia offers around 2-4 hours of gameplay, depending on how fast you can solve the puzzles and advance through the game.

Latest Blog

v1.6 up

minor bugs fixed, better hints helpful to puzzles or general direction added.
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  • 07/10/2009 03:28 AM
  • 01/23/2014 04:49 AM
  • 07/10/2009
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this looks like a pretty interesting game. I'll have to download RGPmaker XP rtp first though. meh.
Has the download been approved yet? The download button is visible, but when you go into downloads it says there's none available.
Looks like it's working now. Enjoy!
The download's not working for me.

I just get an Internal Server Error.
I found a link for it here:

Is it the same version as the one that was uploaded to RMN?
Yes. Don't know why you're having trouble (it works for me), but try SegNin's link if you can't download it off the site.
Shame that I can't seem to find a walkthrough for this game, as it certainly seemed promising.
I really enjoyed the puzzles in this game. Overall quite fun. The game would have been better without random battles, particularly in some of the puzzle areas, but that didn't detract enough from the game to make it a fun experience overall.
Thanks for the comments. I'm surprised people are still playing, after all these years!
In retrospect, there's much I would change, from dialogue to eliminating random encounters entirely, or at least finding a more suitable battle system. All in all, though, this was a great first game to learn from. For those who enjoyed the puzzles in here, I'm working on a rather more ambitious project, but hopefully one that will be much more fun!
I'm looking for a way to enter the Moreina castle, but i can't find the item to activate the switch
nice game! im playing right now :D i'll post some review after im done :D
Hi. I wanted to let you know that I found a bug. In the Onepa Mountains, I'm able to walk on one of the waterfalls (see image). BTW, I'm enjoying the game so far.

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