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Hi there! Are you interested in this game? You seem like a fun person! Ask freely: I’m there for you!

So... this "I'll InvaliGate Your Aid" is a game created by Waldorf in a week, made in occasion of the 1st of April. Made in a month if you consider the graphical overhaul and translation.
This game is necessary to recover a pearl that I need to complete a ritual, so the style must look unique for this occasion. <3

What is this game about? Well, you shouldn't play it. Really.

It's a matter between me and Fazey: I stole a precious object from him, and you can accompany him to retrieve it from my soft little hands.

You should theoretically aid him to get through my minimansion full of traps and unnecessary 4th wall breaks, to face me in a bewitching last dance.
But I know that you, who are reading this post, are a cunning little rascal, so let me repeat myself:

If you play, I will do everything in my power to stop you.

Oh, are you still interested in reading about the game? How sweet of you!

Ok, let’s keep on going, I like being read by you! <3

The game consists of me playing tricks on you to make you stop playing while you explore around controlling Fazey.

You don’t like losing control of your pointer? Or input latency? Time limits? Well, TOO BAD!

Technically, you can argue that being in the title, gates may play a role in this. And you would be right: congratulations! <3
Between minigames you’ll build a lot of gates: it’s really simple! Hold the action key, and tap the button I’ll tell you to press!
See? It’s that classic. Surely not worth your time.

Do you think an RPG Maker game can't do anything to you? Awwww, you're so cute.

Don't download it, you'll regret it! o(≧∇≦o)

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That's great. I was impressed by your writing.
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