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Story:The world is in chaos, and the country is in turmoil. In order to realize the ambition of conquering the world, the emperor of the Redoria Empire launched an attack on all countries in the world. The only surviving Everboulde Kingdom did not succumb to the rule of the empire, and united with other rebel forces to resist desperately, but still lost to the imperial army and was on the verge of extinction. At this moment, four of the strongest foreign warriors on the surface gathered together in order to find the strongest weapon in legends, defeat the empire, and save the world.

Note:That's right, it's the old story again. The plot and battle settings are similar to the Final Fantasy series, but due to the short and tight development cycle, sprites and chipsets temporarily use RTP content. Although it is a fighting fantasy style game, there are still some differences between this game and the original game, with higher playability and richer content. The game was created for Event Event, as for which event theme to choose, which event theme the game itself fits into, that is which one. In terms of game content, I used a little trick, added a little CRT filter on it, and I redesigned a new shader, the specific content will not be known until you try it out. This is not only for good looks and nostalgia, but also for the effect of the game console screen back then.

About:Originally, I wanted to use EasyRPG to develop the game this time, so that I could use some new pictures, including filters, but in the end it didn't meet my requirements and I had to give up. I switched to using the DynRPG plugin that everyone is familiar with to assist my game, and the effect is good. Of course, I only use the function of adjusting the screen resolution, and the other functions have not been used. On the other hand, my game has not been finished yet, please give me more time to improve its content, after all, it is an RPG with a grand narrative, I will not put rough-made works on the table, as long as the game I make, I will try my best to make the game Do your best, even if it's made with RTP content.

↑ ↓ ← → - Move & Select
Z key & Space key - Confirmation
X key - Menu & Cancel
F5 - You can adjust the picture window by yourself

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Pages: 1
Very Alpha currently.
The story is ok, even if I didn't understand the king.

What you have to change:
The old screen effect or lense effect is tiresome for the eyes, especially as each dialogue box etc has additionally the same effect.
There was no option to save.
I had thought that you can perhaps do the first dungeon, but you can only visit the town to the east which wasn't even mentioned in the castle.
Pages: 1