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100 Downloads! Fun links and announcement of next TL project!

  • RaCRaTL
  • 05/17/2023 10:41 PM
We've reached 100 downloads of Random Dungeon -English Version- and to celebrate we've got an announcement and some links to the free music used in Random Dungeon.
First, the free music assets. If you're an RPG Maker user of any version that can still use MIDIs, then this will be especially exciting. If you use MP3 files, then it will be less so, but there are still excellent pieces of music at these sites.
Now, one thing to note is that Random Dungeon's music assets were collected over 13 years ago at the minimum. Therefore, most of the pages hosting them have gone down, and even if they're still up, they're in Japanese. Finding them on the Internet Archive could be difficult without some help, so that's what this is all about.
First, Rengoku Teien, composer of many tracks featured in Random Dungeon and elsewhere, including the famous Final Requiem.


To use this site, mouse over Music Material to select MP3 or MIDI tracks. There are some tracks only available as MP3 or MIDI. You can also use the sidebar with the list of MP3 or MIDI genres to select which set you want to listen to or download. Make sure you have a pop-up blocker when using the MIDI section, though. For some reason they're set to download themselves automatically. They're just MIDI sequences, so they should be harmless, but it can be a bit surprising to see.
Auto-translating with whatever browser you're using should be enough to explore the genres if you don't know any Japanese at all.

Next, あしなが☆おにいさん (Ashinaga☆Oniisan). Most of the material in Random Dungeon's early game are RTP music or their tracks. They were active up to three years ago, but their original website went down mostly unarchived. Instead, this drive link is to the bulk of their music material, and the rest can be found at their Youtube or Soundcloud pages.

Some other notable artists with music in Random Dungeon:

Cyber Rainforce:


Dragonic Symphony:

We hope you enjoy listening to the music or maybe even using it for your games! There are already some graphics used in Random Dungeon that have been lost to the age of the internet, so we'd hate for any music to vanish as well.

Now, for the announcement! We've been translating 王女様と薔薇の騎士 (The Princess and the Rose Knight) since last week. It's a short, sweet, easy yuri game, complete with a yuri gauge that fills up when you make sapphic dialogue decisions. It's also by the same maker as the SaGa-like Hat World: New Testament, translated by Goburinbro, prime, Sanghelios, and Tenno.
Link here for Hat World: New Testament, since people might look for it anyway. It's the topmost of the three links. https://w.atwiki.jp/newlittleworld/pages/117.html

The Princess and the Rose Knight should be releasing sometime in the next two weeks.