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Note: This game was originally made by Payaaaaan. I just translated the game.
You can find the original Japanese game here on freegame-mugen.

Life was so simple yet fun for Utano Yamano, until one day her grandmother disappeared. Ever since that day, a strange phenomena began to occur. Now, Utano must investigate the cause of this phenomena, while a strange girl follows her, monsters chase her, and her missing sister appears only to once again disappear. Will Utano find the cause? Or is she doomed to be cursed?

The gameplay consists of exploration, finding items, and some puzzle solving. There are moments in the game where you will have to act fast and escape monsters in order to avoid a game over.
The original creator urges those who play to read in-game material and text carefully to piece together the story.
The creator also provided hints for the game as well as a secret for one section in the text file "Must Read (IMPORTANT)".

Original Game Description
Don't search. Don't ask.
Don't learn. Don't know.
And yet, you will explore. Know the truth.
The Curse of Utaho -Utahonotatari- Complete Edition
This is a free J-horror game that aims to be the scariest!
This is the full version, but please understand there are some bugs that cannot be fixed.
New features of the full version:
  • Improved performance

  • New ending branch

  • System changes

No further modifications other than bug fixes will be made for the full version.

Please be sure to read the text marked "must read". It contains important information.

☆Summer is the best time to try out the game☆

Room → pitch black
Volume → Loud, use headphones if you are alone
Please play at your own risk.

In order to concentrate on creating a sequel, we are temporarily suspending minor bug fixes for this work.
Some of you may think that we have different priorities...
I know it's selfish, but thank you in advance.

Latest Blog

Download Updated

Hey everyone! I noticed that sometimes text would be cut off when others played the game. This wasn't present in the playtesting, so I had no idea about it until I saw let's plays. It turned out to be related to the font used so I just changed it, and from testing the game on another device, the text cutting off seems to no longer be a problem!

Anyway, here's a list of changes made:
  • Text is no longer cut off

  • Font has been changed

  • Minor dialogue changes

  • A text box in room 204 of the hotel was added to translate what was carved into the table

Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the game!
  • Completed
  • MikoEffect
  • WOLF RPG Editor
  • Adventure
  • 05/12/2023 10:32 PM
  • 09/28/2023 01:28 PM
  • 05/11/2023
  • 10328
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help me, I'm stuck in chapter 2, when the elevator doesn't work, what should I do??

Hello! I played your translation of the game Utaho no Tatari at my channel, I translated it to potuguese as I played, here's the gameplay!

*Edited by Marrend. Reason: Fixed youtube tag/url.
When I caught a glimpse of the name, I thought it said "The Curse of Idaho" and I immediately thought of potatoes... I'll try it though!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
You have no idea how much you made me go feral when I saw this on the queue. Been wanting to play it for years now, so happy to finally have an english version!! You are a god among men.
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