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"No one chooses to become a monster...
But we all have our reasons"

The world is overrun. Creatures that appeared around 400 years ago have dominated the southern hemisphere, and are a constant threat to what remains of humanity. Groups that hunt these creatures occasionally pop up, but rarely last. Someone has to make a stand...

But watch that you don't become that which you fight.

The demo for Thrall is scheduled to be released on 5/31/2023.

Thrall combines four different concepts into a single game. A rarity based loot system and skill tree system similar to what is seen in the Borderlands series, random dungeon generation similar to the Mystery Dungeon series, ATB sideview combat much like the classic Final Fantasy games featuring an Overdrive system, and a branching narrative story structure, leading to a different gameplay experience every time you play.

Early on, you'll be faced with a decision that will affect the remainder of your playthrough. Everything from the party you have, the missions you obtain, the cutscenes that play, and the enemies you face will be determined by this single decision. With four different options to choose from, there are essentially four different story paths to follow, not to mention the various builds and loot you'll find on each individual playthrough.

With that in mind, the loot system will generate random equipment with every enemy you defeat, every chest you open, and every shop you enter. No two weapons or armors will be alike, and many will have unique traits that make for a very different playstyle. Literally billions of different weapons and armors are available for you to find.

And it's not just the loot you find that will affect your playstyle. Each character in your party has three different branching skill trees to explore. Learn different builds that work with the equipment you have, try new combinations, and find ways to become as powerful as possible!

The demo features approximately two hours of gameplay, although can be extended considerably longer. The full release should feature approximately 30 hours of gameplay per playthrough, and will feature a New Game Plus mode.

Here's a partial list of what this game features:
  • A rarity based randomized loot system
  • Branching skill trees for each party member
  • A branching narrative story structure
  • Pseudo-random dungeon generation
  • ATB style sideview combat system
  • Custom menu, equip, shop, item, and system scenes
  • Expansive dungeons and locations created using Parallax mapping techniques
  • Music by Fesliyan Studios (for now, possible custom music at full release)

Credits are in the "Credits" folder in the download, and Controls are described in the "Readme" file in the root folder of the game.

Warning: This game contains course language and mature subject matter. Player discretion is advised.

Latest Blog

The Making of a Demo

So, this project started with an idea I had back in early February. I wanted to play Diablo, but I couldn't. I don't have a TV, or a Switch, or really anything that actually allows me to play video games anymore with a few minor exceptions. Long story, but it was ultimately my choice to do that. But this didn't cure the itch. I still wanted to play Diablo.

Or more accurately, I wanted to play a looting game.

So, what does a game dev do when he can't play a game he wants to? Makes one, I guess.

I had this crazy idea about a rarity based loot system that could technically be just barely possible to make in RPG Maker VX, but I wasn't totally sure. Still, I had nothing better to do and needed a creative outlet, so I busted out the laptop, created a blank project with VX, and got to work.

That was February 11th, 2023.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I managed to find new and creative ways to make this idea I had work. Each new discovery lead to another, which in turn caused me to come up with more ideas. What if this game utilized a skill tree system? What kind of save system does this game need to have to make sense? Is is possible to have passive effects based on your current equipment or what skills you know? This all culminated in the project you see here. And the reason I can accurately say what day I officially created this project is because for the first time, I actually documented the entire development process. Every day that I worked on the game, I would end the day by breaking out the Devlog text document and jotting down what I did that day.

And here's the real kicker: I never missed a day.

Every single day since February 11th, I have dedicated time to making this game into what it is. Literally hundreds of hours have gone into this, and it's all documented. The only days I DID miss were days that my laptop was getting repaired since it wasn't charging, and yet even on those days I was brainstorming ideas in my notebooks to implement the moment I got my laptop back.

I'd like to share that devlog with you, to give you an idea of what went into this project, and what it takes to release a polished demo. This isn't necessarily a benchmark, and certainly demos can be released with a lot less work put into them, but it's something that's been close to my heart for the last several months, so I thought I'd share it with the community. Here you go.

- Created Project
- Created randomized loot drop system with six different rarities for weapons and armors
- Added in-menu colored text for all specified rarities as well as items
- Implemented variable atk stat to dropped weapons (affects all weapons with same ID)

- Added templates for Mythic and Legendary weapons
- Created a loot drop scene to display all dropped weapons, and be able to move them into backpack. Items left in loot table are discarded. Items can be moved from backpack to loot table
- Created single-instance weapons, so old weapons are not overwritten
- Added randomized loot to shops that change on a timer
- Added limited backpack space

- Removed ability to unequip items
- Added a confirmation dialogue to loot table when discarding items
- Added labels to the loot and backpack in loot table
- Added weapon levels

- Imported Equip scene from BSH
- Added all fields to weapon stats window in loot scene
- Adjusted crit bonus values and added crit bonuses based on weapon prefix
- Added armor to loot drops and loot table
- Added ability to switch between armor and weapons in loot table backpack

- Added loot chest capability
- Organized database and added slots for loot, shops, storage, backpack, equips, and templates
- Added storage locker for weapons and armor
- Added variable backpack and storage capacity

- Added remaining weapon templates
- Added uncommon weapon prefixes

- Added shop capability for weapons
- Added variable drop rates based on monster quality
- Added prefix functionality
- Fully implemented random stat generation
- Added weapon type stat variations
- Added weapon levels and level requirements

- Added custom item and equip screens that display all item stats
- Added armor templates
- Added armor prefixes and functionality
- Added armor shop functionality
- Added armor loot generation
- Submitted game page for approval

- Imported and initialized Tankentai SBS from BSH
- Added weapon animations
- Added unique legendary traits
- Added status ailment animations
- Added animated battlers and FSM characters
- Implemented unique movesets based on weapon type
- Cleaned up stat window display
- Adjusted equip screen resistances and applied statuses

- Fixed bug where weapons wouldn't save when reloading file
- Tested Overdrives and added one ability
- Balanced weapon accuracy
- Cleaned up stat display
- Adjusted drop rates

- Modified Battle HUD
- Uploaded game to RMN

- Removed base actor stats except HP
- Added compatibility for removing and adding party members

- Changed functionality of "Serrated" accessory to increase crit damage

- Added remaining prefixes and functionality for weapons
- Revised weapon templates

- Turned 29 years old (Happy Birthday)
- Added remaining weapon templates

- Added unique legendary weapon traits
- Balanced DMG and DEX calculation

2/28/2023 - 3/2/2023
- Added and modified unique legendary and mythic weapon traits
- Added some legendary overdrive techniques

2/28/2023 - 3/2/2023
- Added and modified unique legendary and mythic weapon traits
- Added some legendary overdrive techniques

- Added "Compare" functionality to the shop scene

- Cleaned up the loot table script
- Fixed "Compare" functionality and item screen
- Added new legendaries and new unique traits

- Cleaned up the comparison UI
- Added legendary flavour text
- Added cross-save storage
- Added last legendary weapon

- Removed current armor templates
- Added all helmet, armor and shield templates
- Modified the item screen to display backback capacity and align icons
- Configured loot table script for new armor slots

- Added stackability to armor accessories (regen, bonus exp, non-crit)
- Added Thorns and Bonus HP accessories to armor

- Added icons for armor accessories

- Added armor accessory templates
- Revised "Heavy" weapon accessory, removed stat changes and added turn delay on hit
- Removed "Light" weapon accessory
- Added DEX based "Heavy" weapon prefixes

- Minor bug fixes
- Adjusted "Reaper" unique effect
- Added Rare armor prefixes
- Added Epic and above armor prefixes
- Adjusted "Halfcrit" armor accessory

- Added unique effects for several legendary armors
- Raised stat caps

- Added more legendary armor traits

- Added remaining legendary armor traits
- Created an "Account" style save system

- Improved comparison window to display equipped item instead of just stat changes
- Displayed stat changes in item stats window
- Added a Town Map and modified the Dungeon for demo purposes

- Added monster templates with elemental types

- Added save points
- Loading a save when not at save points will now warp to the most recent save point
- Started work on random dungeon generation

- Furthered work on random dungeon generation
- Added randomized exits
- Randomized room generation, prevented multiple occurances of same room
- Set chests based on floors
- Added dungeon level

- Implemented "Autokill" to random dungeons
- Fixed damage output of elemental enemies
- Added colored HP bars to indicate weaknesses

- Imported MA's Recharge skill script

- Implemented Deity's Skill Tree script
- Added Cooldown armor functionality
- Added unique Icarus trait
- Added "Elementalist" class with first 7 skills
- Fixed text font bug

- Re-configured skill tree layout and cursor movement

- Coded in the first skill tree for the Hunter

- Hid icons for status ailments (not kill skills)
- Played a sound effect when action skills have cooled down
- Finished Knifeman skill tree for Hunter
- Coded most of Stalker skill tree for Hunter

- Finished coding remaining skill trees for Hunter

- Added icons to all Hunter skills
- Started coding skill tree for Elementalist

- Coded skill trees for Elementalist

- Added icons for all Elementalist skills
- Remodeled and renamed main characters

- Coded Crusader's Aura skill tree

- Coded Crusader's Medic tree
- Cleared Overkill damage upon death
- Minor bug fixes

- Added weapon swap capability in combat
- Coded remainder of Crusader's skill trees

- Added icons to the Crusader's skills

- Added all skills in Berserker's Rage tree and Hellborn tree
- Coded all skills in Rage tree

- Coded Berserker's Hellborn and Fury trees
- Added icons to Berserker skills

- Added new character models
- Added new consumable items
- Added random item generation
- Added items to loot pool and item shop

- Added "Warp Nut" item and coded functionality
- Imported and configured Yanfly Menu System Options

- Added repel, limit onion, heal mushroom, and torch items
- Added Auto Kill to system options
- Configured menu settings to better display categories and fill empty space

- Added Spectral Pepper, Hearty Tomato, Gravity Leek, Revival Fig, and Golden Key items
- Added Legendary item category

- Added placeholder Overdrive techniques and assigned them to weapon templates
- Added randomized weapons to enemy equips

- Fixed bug with items not saving with files
- Fixed bug where item window would not disappear when selecting item target
- Disabled window that displays enemy names from appearing
- Enabled cursor on non-targeting skills, disbaled cursor movement
- Added Thrall enemies and randomized Thrall graphic
- Added new item and skill animations
- Added bomb throwing animation
- Added monster level scalability
- Added dungeon min/max levels

- Added monster stats up to level 5
- Added character graphic to equip screen and comparison window
- Imported Scene Menu Redux and re-configured settings
- Added ability to rearrange party leader

- Added item animations

- Added weapon and skill animations
- Modified menu scene windows

- Added monster attack animations
- Minor menu bug fixes

- Added weapon overdrive names and descriptions
- Altered how critical hits are calculated and determined in scripts
- Added critical hits to physical skills
- Coded some overdrive technique funtionality

- Added more overdrive animations and functionality
- Added a boss HP bar at the top of the screen for boss fights
- When Damien stacks overkill damage, the OKD will now only double on critical hits, and base damage is subject to normal critical hit calculation

- Added Black Death Overdrive technique
- Laptop charging port broke down, 4 - 6 weeks to repair

- Managed to get laptop to barely charge
- Coded in all remaining Overdrive techniques
- Added monster skills and items
- Players will now revive to 1HP after each battle

- Added a new battle cursor
- Fixed Elementalist skills
- Kill skills will no longer wear off after battle
- Randomized dungeon monster sprites and enemy pool
- Randomized chest placement and rarity
- Elemental Burst now deals damage based on weapon
- Added the "Holy Aremen" promotional legendary weapon
- Fixed save point functionality and removed items and gold when saving in a dungeon

- Added character HP stats
- Added placeholder functional stats for enemies
- Added 50% HP restore on level up

- Added "Boss room" to random dungeon generator
- Fixed Menu system options variable assignments
- Fixed "battle result" victory processing

- Added starter map

- Added custom face window

- Repositioned face window based on message window location
- Created custom faces for Lionel, Mel, Damien and Brutus
- Created custom sprite expressions
- Developed first introductory cutscene
- Took laptop in for repair

- Brainstormed ideas for game name

- Settled on the name "Thrall"

4/24/2023 - 4/25/2023
- Twiddled my thumbs in frustration of not having a laptop still

- Picked up repaired laptop
- Enabled all players skills and overkill/fury to persist after battle, but reset on a new floor, battle loss, etc.
- Changed Mel's character sprite and portrait
- Added single-item drops to dungeons
- Created custom title screen
- Added new music
- Fixed bug with enemy pathfinding and resetting
- Added Objective Log functionality

- Added Hollow Keep
- Developed full introduction cutscene, added ability to skip introduction
- Altered Objective Log
- Created a list of all switches and variables, as well as their functionality for future reference

- Added Hollow Keep interior, first boss fight, and first critical decision
- Added cutscene after boss fight
- Added more music

- Finished developing first chapter from all four perspectives

- Purchased Celianna's "Ancient Dungeons" tileset packs
- Created first release map

May - Still in Progress
- Created custom angled wall from Celianna's tiles
- Started on the Hollow Keep map

- Finished the exterior wall of Hollow Keep
- Added new Battle Start transition
- Started on surrounding forest of Hollow Keep

- Finished surrounding terrain of Hollow Keep
- Started fort decor of Hollow Keep

- Worked on Hollow Keep exterior map

- Finished Hollow Keep exterior map
- Added switch based scripted collision detection

- Started on Hollow Keep interior

- Added rarity sorting capability to item, equip, and loot scene for weapons and armor
- Created full Legendary weapon and armor guide in the notes folder

- Mapped the Forge and Storage in the Hollow Keep
- Increased turn duration for kill skills and action skills to 15 turns

- Mapped remainder of Hollow Keep interior main floor
- Added soldiers and Keep members
- Re-coded respec functionality
- Re-coded capacity increase functionality
- Added training dummies to Keep exterior

- Fixed save and load functionality with new maps
- Added wandering shopkeepers in dungeons
- Added Jessica the bartender for side jobs
- Added faces for each keep member
- Fixed warp and battle loss destination coordinates

- Added functionality for unique rare armors and weapons to be generated as quest rewards
- Added the Seraph staff, Curse helmet, Sanctity amulet, Camouflage cloak, and Turtle shield unique items

- Added new unique rare weapons
- Mapped and programmed the basement of Hollow Keep

- Mapped the remainder of Hollow Keep, including map room
- Added more unique rare weapons

- Added a horse for fast travel
- Fixed minor collision detection bugs
- Fixed shop resetting frequency
- Added "Useful Tips" guide in notes folder
- Started on Bloodstone Mine maps

- Added Bloodstone Mine entrance map
- Developed intro cutscene and tutorial for first dungeon

- Worked on Bloodstone Mine maps

- Added monsters to Bloodstone Mine
- Altered chest appearance
- Modified Spectral Pepper functionality
- Added a level indicator to enemies below CTB gauge
- Added Colorblind Mode with altered battle cursors and item rarities in names, with altered text colors and tutorials

- Worked on Bloodstone Mine maps

- Worked on Bloodstone Mine maps
- Added manual drop rate adjustment for bosses
- Added Bloodstone Mine boss
- Altered Boss HP bar script to only display special HP bar when switch is active, allowing for common and boss enemies with one battler

- Added boss room to Bloodstone Mine
- Added boss cutscenes
- Altered cooldowns to only start when action skills wear off
- Submitted game page to RMN, adjusted CSS

- Added two more maps to Bloodstone Mine
- Added pages to the game profile on RMN
- Added devlog blog post
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Liking the presentation you've got for this game a lot Strak, very nice job!
Thank you! I'm super excited for it, so I'm happy to hear you say that!
Looking for it!
Probably easier, but VXAce has a game about items loot, where the weapons/armors have custom stats... am I suggesting new ideas? Maybe...
Oh dang, I didn't know that! To my knowledge, this was the only game I've seen that utilises a fully custom random loot system. Well, guess my claim to fame is over, time to scrap the project kidding, kidding. I'm having way too much fun making this to do that.
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