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Thrall Demo is now available!

  • Strak
  • 05/30/2023 04:57 PM
The demo for Thrall is now available!

And one day early, at that. The last few weeks have been spent working on the first main dungeon, literally spending every lunch hour at work designing the maps, as well as several hours before and sometimes after work. Because of that, I was able to get this ready on time, and even a little ahead of schedule!

For the most part, I think I was able to root out most of the major bugs, but if anyone encounters anything game-breaking, please let me know. This demo is sort of a "minimum viable product," so it doesn't necessarily have a TON of content, but should at least give you an idea of what the game is about and what it will look like on the full release.

Having said that, most of the mechanics have actually been nailed down, and are present in the demo. You likely won't see many of those mechanics, as they require a higher player level, multiple playthroughs, and just more story progression, but if you feel the urge to explore the game, there's lots to see!

As always, I'm open to constructive criticism, so please let me know your thoughts! If anyone decides to do a Let's Play or First Impressions, I would greatly appreciate a link to the video! I always enjoy seeing how other people employ mechanics that I worked on.

Anyway, with that, I hope you enjoy!


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I'm considering modifying the functionality of two of the action skills. Elemental Burst and Aura are both powerful and useful, but both Rage and Stalking are limited in their usefulness due to needing to spend a turn to activate them. I'll be working on attempting to modify them this weekend so they can be instantly applied on use without costing the turn, allowing for an extra action. This should balance them out quite a bit. Let me know your feedback on how the current action skills work, and any potential improvements you can think of! I'm always open to perspective.

EDIT: With version 0.2 uploaded, this update is now implemented.

EDIT EDIT: Version 0.2 has been rescinded and replaced with 0.1 again, as it turned out to be a huge buggy mess. Keep an eye out for v0.3 when it's released, I'm still working on a fix.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Version 0.3 is now available.
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