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This is the Demo for Thrall. It consists of roughly 1 - 2 hours of gameplay per playthrough, and has four different branches to follow. The full release is expected in mid to late 2025.

v0.5 Update Notes: Again, way too many to count. Blog update coming soon.

v0.4 Update Notes: Too many to count. See blog post for full details.

v0.3 Update Notes: "Rage" and "Stalking" have been altered, as well as a few of the skills in the Hunter and Berserker skill trees. "Rage" will now last 30 turns, and "Stalking" is no longer a damage buff initially. "Stalking" will now conceal the Hunter from enemies, preventing him from being targeted until the next attack. "Savage" will now increase the damage of "Stalking" by 50%, but is the only source of damage increase for "Stalking"

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