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Hawk Halifax is a somewhat directionless youth who just recently graduated from high school. One day, a phonecall informs him that his great uncle passed away, leaving Hawk his estate; an apartment in Estor City. With nothing else holding him down, the boy travels to the big city to claim his inheritance. Upon arriving, he finds the apartment completely unfurnished and in a state of utter disrepair. With no money, no job, and no furniture, what will he do to survive?

Junk Man is a completely non-linear and open-ended urban exploration game. Armed with only a GPS-enabled cell phone, Hawk can scour the entirety of Estor City. There are many places to go, many people to meet, and many thing to collect. It is entirely up to the player in which order to do these things, or if they even want to do them at all.

Junk Man is set in the modern day, within a fictional city. Features of the game include:
-GPS-enabled cell phone, which shows the player their current location (including cross-streets) for maximum ease when traveling.
-Fully customizable apartment, which can be furnished with whatever items the player finds in their journeys.
-Seven distinct boroughs within Estor City, each with their own unique architecture, people, and adventures.
*Marway (Mariner's Way) - Shipping district in the southwest of Estor City. All major docks and ships are located here.
*New Eagleton - Lower class and tenement-filled district, where Hawk's apartment is located.
*Lynmark Islands - Two small islands to the north of Estor City, connected to New Eagleton by a bridge. The islands are a national park, and have much more lush flora than the city itself.
*Noble Beach - Eastern beachfront area with many resorts and upper-class residents.
*Commerce District - The financial center of Estor City. This is where all the businesspeople and major corporations are located.
*Woodgull Central - The centermost borough of Estor City, with many middle-class homes. Also the area where most of the museums and tourist attractions are located.
*North Estor - The most affluent neighborhood in Estor City, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Latest Blog

Graphical Progress

Since I'm drawing 100% of the art for this game all myself, it's been a long and arduous process to say the least. The end result is that the style of everything has become completely cohesive and very true to what I had originally imagined.

Lately I've been working on a lot of character sets. Initially I tried to make a 'template' set to work from, but because each character is so vastly different from the last (height, weight, style of walking, etc.) it ended up being easier just drawing each from scratch. I only have about 8 character sets so far, but each one has turned out really well. Hopefully once I have a more diverse set of body types and heights established, then I can start doing easier stuff like clothing/hair recolors to save myself a lot of time in the long run.

New Eagleton is the starting borough of the game, and it's the one I've been working on. So far it's turning out extremely well, and now I'm working on coming up with the quests and puzzles to put there.
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I love games that enable loads of rewarding exploration, and Junk Man just sounds wonderful, I can't wait to play it.
Subscribed. This look awesome. :)
This is being worked on correct? And, a suggestion: Generic NPC template. If they pose little importance, use the same charset for the same type of person. It'd make things a lot easier.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I want to play this game.
this game looks really promising...(subscribed...!!!)
My mind is full of fuck.
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