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Evershade is a hybrid between a Visual Novel, a traditional RPG and a detective game.

You play as Emily, a rather rebellious young woman, who isn't in the best of places in her life.

One day she decides, on a whim, to go to a cabin in the woods with her twin sister Alisa, so they can both unwind and hopefully learn to reconnect.

At the cabin, Alisa disappears. Emily is convinced her sister has been kidnapped. She will head towards the mysterious town of Green Carnation, determined to find her missing sister.

Meet all kinds of colourful characters. Will they be your close friends or primary suspects? Or both? It will depend on your interactions and observations.

Throughout your adventure you will collect clues that will take you to different routes in your investigations, routes that branches out towards one of the many possible endings.

The non-dialogue gameplay is more of a traditional Top-Down RPG. You walk around town, talk to NPCs all over the game's world .
The city is not empty, there are plenty of collectibles, secrets and side stories to discover while exploring !

Manage your Energy levels with an eating/drinking/sleeping system.

Be also aware of your Mood, which depletes and refills according to happy or sad events that will happen to you.

This is currently a work in progress. Evershade Prologue gives you access to the first chapter of the game, in it's entirety.

Atreyo Ray

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Very nice prologue. I'm very excited to see how the story goes on.
Very nice prologue. I'm very excited to see how the story goes on.

Thanks a million for playing! I will update everyone on the project's development regularly!
The prologue is nice and the affection and clues systems are really good! Looking forward to it!
I've written something resembling a review on your Itch.io page. TLDR: I liked it a lot. Here's video footage of a game itself:
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