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Click Me: Sample from OST - listen while reading thread.

<Do You Remember My Lullaby?> is a non-interactive short, simple story following one particular person's day during the Christmas season. It is slice-of-life in genre, accompanied by an original soundtrack in a pseudo music video format. Despite being non-interactive, there are barely any dialogues -The story is mainly told through actions.

No scene is available upon the start of the show. Each scene will become accessible in the scene selector after you've passed through the particular scene once in normal sequence.

Length: ~25 minutes.

After finishing, you can unlock a mini-game in the same game file with the following instructions:
Download Instructions Here
(Password is given at the ending of the show.)

Download link:
Click me to download (15mb).

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looks pretty good I'll take a look later.
So sad... Very good, got some emotional bits for me!
wow... I don't get the ending. did he stay the night or did he stay forever. also nice mood. i was waiting on the edge of my seat thinking 1) the mom's gonna die. 2) the house is gonna burn down. 3) OMG that's messed up! another question: what was with the park view, was it to show she was the only one alone?
He stayed for the night (judging from what's there). As for the park view, it was mainly to show some contrast between the crowd and the main character - how everyone is busy celebrating the holiday season and all that. I think I went overboard with that though, as it might have started to become distracting, heheh.
I cried like a baby!!!...why???only GOD knows...it's so sad...I just wanted to go inside the screen and tell the kid what his mom was doing for him...
Resident Nonexistence
It did say non-interactive right?
Resident Nonexistence
Scratch my last comment, it's worth the DL :p

My review needs to hurry and get approved..
"Each scene will become accessible in the scene selector after you've passed through the particular scene once in normal sequence."

Sounds like a dating or H-game, lol. What's this about unlocking scenes?
Dream big, expect nothing
Really loved it man it's awesome.

Dude, it's a movie. That's why you unlock scenes.
Reives Hello, my name is Jonas, I'm from Brazil and I want to know if I can take this great work over here, I would like to make a translation of his game to show everyone this great work will not take credits of the game or anything, just like translate and give due credit, will serve as a great inspiration for us here in Brazil, if you are interested tell me, thank you.
Bittersweet. And slow. Well, it's an okay movie I guess
It's miraculous! Good job. Surely there would be others learning from it as well :)
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Beautiful mapping
Beautiful music
Beautiful atmosphere
Short (so the non-interactivity isn't a problem)

Awkward grammar
depressing story

Thoughts may include spoilers
Is this a story about a mother trying her best to put a smile on her sons face
or a son which is selfish thus treats his mother like garbage?
or a father who wants to ruin his ex wifes life?
the answer is all of the above. and the short version of it is i hate it.
reasons being obvious.

that aside there is a sense of irony in this experience that in reality at least in America. this is the mirror image of how it actually happens.
the father is the one giving money to the mother even his car,home and dignity.
even when she gets married and does not need anything...
i can image the mother in this story committing suicide that night having lost what is obviously the only thing she has to live for to the scum bag of a father.
who decided to have multiple children and not stay with the mother.

the reason people lean more to positive stories is because reality is already filled with despair. many wont admit it. and live in denial but that's how it is.

despite my thoughts on this i do recommend it as it stands out from generic games by far.
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