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The Default Characters

Character Type: Brawler
Weapon Type: Wiener
LV1 Ability: InspiroBot
LV2 Ability: Reverb Fart
LV3 Ability: Nugget Mukbang
LV4 Ability: MLEE NVEV
Obtain Method: N/A (Starting Character)

Character Type: AoE Specialist
Weapon Type: Guitar
LV1 Ability: Holly Rush
LV2 Ability: Chill Out
LV3 Ability: Boo Blitz
LV4 Ability: Riggy MV
Obtain Method: N/A (Starting Character)

The Unlockable Characters

Character Type: Brawler
Weapon Type: Glove
LV1 Ability: Tea Time
LV2 Ability: Guitar Riff
LV3 Ability: Beatdown Rush
LV4 Ability: Suplex
Obtain Method: 12 Unlock Tokens

Character Type: Debuffer
Weapon Type: Firefly Jar
LV1 Ability: Diminish
LV2 Ability: Devitalize
LV3 Ability: Enfeeble
LV4 Ability: Gravity Well
Obtain Method: Beat the Super Mario world

Character Type: Physical Damage Dealer
Weapon Type: Soda Can
LV1 Ability: DVD Toss
LV2 Ability: TTS Abuse
LV3 Ability: Cashmere Claw
LV4 Ability: Red Card
Obtain Method: Beat the Lisa world

Character Type: Brawler
Weapon Type: Brick
LV1 Ability: Pilfer
LV2 Ability: Lightning
LV3 Ability: Chimkin Flare
LV4 Ability: "Best Game Ever"
Obtain Method: 27 Unlock Tokens

Character Type: Physical Damage Dealer
Weapon Type: Barrel
LV1 Ability: Mayo Squirt
LV2 Ability: Eliminate
LV3 Ability: Speak French
LV4 Ability: Nor'easter
Obtain Method: Beat the Fall Guys world

Character Type: Healer/Support
Weapon Type: Pills
LV1 Ability: Vaccination
LV2 Ability: Scam
LV3 Ability: Super Pill
LV4 Ability: Boss Ass Bitch
Obtain Method: 18 Unlock Tokens

Character Type: Melee Debuffer
Weapon Type: Sauce
LV1 Ability: Rave
LV2 Ability: Honey Shot
LV3 Ability: Dipmaid
LV4 Ability: Harissa Blast
Obtain Method: Beat the Barbie Horse Adventures world

Character Type: Bruiser/Support
Weapon Type: Cat Ball
LV1 Ability: Cat Combo
LV2 Ability: Risky Swipe
LV3 Ability: Well Wishes
LV4 Ability: Heroes Never Die
Obtain Method: 9 Unlock Tokens

Character Type: General Damage Dealer
Weapon Type: Lollipop
LV1 Ability: Snap!
LV2 Ability: Mirror Strike
LV3 Ability: Combustion
LV4 Ability: Sepia Tone
Obtain Method: 15 Unlock Tokens

Character Type: General Damage Caster
Weapon Type: Umbrella
LV1 Ability: Cyclone
LV2 Ability: Heatwave
LV3 Ability: Tornado
LV4 Ability: Broccoli Strike
Obtain Method: Beat the Kirby world

Character Type: Damage Caster
Weapon Type: Microchip
LV1 Ability: Chill
LV2 Ability: Canned Air
LV3 Ability: Overclock
LV4 Ability: Inferno
Obtain Method: Beat the Metal Gear VR Missions world

Character Type: Debuffer/Damage Caster
Weapon Type: Bunnies
LV1 Ability: Muddle
LV2 Ability: Shadow Fire
LV3 Ability: Black Ice
LV4 Ability: Grave Rain
Obtain Method: Beat the Mega Man world

Character Type: Debuffer/Support
Weapon Type: Koi Fish
LV1 Ability: Reveal
LV2 Ability: Assimilation
LV3 Ability: Limiter
LV4 Ability: Vitiate
Obtain Method: Beat the Earthbound world

Character Type: Variable Target Damage Dealer
Weapon Type: Snake
LV1 Ability: Slithering Mass
LV2 Ability: Sustain
LV3 Ability: Seeing Gray
LV4 Ability: Miniature Mayhem
Obtain Method: Beat the Final Fantasy VI world

Character Type: Support
Weapon Type: Pillow
LV1 Ability: Pillow Fort
LV2 Ability: Experiment
LV3 Ability: Caffeine Jolt
LV4 Ability: Sunbeam
Obtain Method: 21 Unlock Tokens

Character Type: Physical Damage Dealer
Weapon Type: Paintbrush
LV1 Ability: Paint Can
LV2 Ability: Inspiration
LV3 Ability: Enthrall
LV4 Ability: Big Fuckin' Claw
Obtain Method:30 Unlock Tokens

Character Type: Buffer & Support
Weapon Type: Keyboard
LV1 Ability: Debug
LV2 Ability: Bit Blast
LV3 Ability: Gift Sub
LV4 Ability: Bit Bomb
Obtain Method: Beat the RPG Maker 2000 world

Character Type: Mixed Damage Dealer
Weapon Type: Mouse
LV1 Ability: Reprogram
LV2 Ability: Holy Hand Lasagna
LV3 Ability: Crescent Moon Grass
LV4 Ability: !balls
Obtain Method: Beat the Garfield Kart world

Character Type: Variable Damage/Support
Weapon Type: Pickaxe
LV1 Ability: Chill Vibes
LV2 Ability: Loremaster
LV3 Ability: DM's Will
LV4 Ability: Shitty Joke
Obtain Method: Beat the Inscryption world

Character Type: Brawler
Weapon Type: Ring
LV1 Ability: Rage
LV2 Ability: Amy's Blessing
LV3 Ability: Snow Slap
LV4 Ability: Freya Drop
Obtain Method: Beat the Sonic the Hedgehog world

Moss Salamander
Character Type: Physical Damage Dealer
Weapon Type: Stick
LV1 Ability: Boner Blitz
LV2 Ability: Peter Alert
LV3 Ability: Pax Attack
LV4 Ability: Too Hot for MV
Obtain Method: Beat the Chrono Trigger world

Character Type: Healer
Weapon Type: Stylus
LV1 Ability: Revive
LV2 Ability: Regenerate
LV3 Ability: Mass Revive
LV4 Ability: Flash of Light
Obtain Method: Beat the Legend of Zelda world

Character Type: Self-Sufficient Brawler
Weapon Type: Stroopwafel
LV1 Ability: Funny T-Shirt
LV2 Ability: Ora Ora Ora
LV3 Ability: Onigiri
LV4 Ability: Sab Dab
Obtain Method: 33 Unlock Tokens

Serge Skunk
Character Type: Debuffer
Weapon Type: Tome
LV1 Ability: Sleep
LV2 Ability: Slow
LV3 Ability: Virus
LV4 Ability: Pandemonium
Obtain Method: 6 Unlock Tokens

Character Type: Healer
Weapon Type: Vial
LV1 Ability: Rejuvenate
LV2 Ability: Revitalize
LV3 Ability: Death Guard
LV4 Ability: Lyrical Lifting
Obtain Method: Beat the Pac-Man world

Character Type: Physical Damage Dealer
Weapon Type: Paper Airplane
LV1 Ability: Smokescreen
LV2 Ability: Auto Pilot
LV3 Ability: Air Strike
LV4 Ability: Sacrifice
Obtain Method: Beat the F-Zero world

Character Type: Damage Dealer/Debuffer
Weapon Type: Collar
LV1 Ability: Kibble Trick
LV2 Ability: Croc Attack
LV3 Ability: Embolden
LV4 Ability: Step Mine
Obtain Method: Beat the SimCity world

Character Type: Variable Support
Weapon Type: Salt Shaker
LV1 Ability: Ring Rain
LV2 Ability: Fuckin' Eh
LV3 Ability: Raccoon Blitz
LV4 Ability: Play Sonic 2
Obtain Method: Beat the Zombies Ate My Neighbors world

Character Type: Physical Damage Dealer
Weapon Type: Beer Can
LV1 Ability: Beer O'Clock
LV2 Ability: Lights Out!
LV3 Ability: Slap Shot
LV4 Ability: Meteor
Obtain Method: Beat the Ogre Battle world

Character Type: Mixed Magic User
Weapon Type: Wand
LV1 Ability: Curaga
LV2 Ability: Psychic Blast
LV3 Ability: Blizzaga
LV4 Ability: Thundaga
Obtain Method: Beat the Pokemon world

Character Type: Damage Caster
Weapon Type: Prop Sword
LV1 Ability: Pyrotechnics
LV2 Ability: Sandstorm
LV3 Ability: Twister
LV4 Ability: Boltstorm
Obtain Method: 3 Unlock Tokens

Character Type: Brawler
Weapon Type: Meatball
LV1 Ability: BUUUURP
LV2 Ability: Insult
LV3 Ability: Hot Tub
LV4 Ability: Pupperdash
Obtain Method: 24 Unlock Tokens