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A novice in times of Inquisition questions his morals when he finds out the church will condemn his sister for heresy. A strange man shows him the door to a world where he will be able to find all the answers he seeks and save his beloved sister. Based on the metal opera of the same name.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Avantasia-El-Juego/118591401535403

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es-2k745e1A

Here are the full features of the game:

-Classic (RTP) look
-High quality visuals
-Enthralling plot faithful to the opera
-Comedy and adventure
-Optional quests
-Dynamic alignment and character class system
-Secret missions, maps, quests, enemies and items
-New Game Plus

-RTA (Real Time Action) Battle System based on the d20 system
-Combination of two or more spells to make more powerful spells
-Ability to learn skills from enemies
-Overdrive/limit break skills unique for each character
-GUTS system to avoid sudden deaths in an epic way
-Intelligent enemies
-Oversoul system for enemies
-Zoom control

-Caterpillar system
-Reflective surfaces
-Graphic notifications
-Minigames and puzzles
-Global volume control

-Double weapons
-Items divided and sorted according to usability
-Items that multiply experience and money obtained in combat
-Alchemy system to create custom weapons, armors, potions and compounds

Note: Playtesting is not perfect. I'd appreciate if you find any errors or glitches so I can fix them.

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  • 07/12/2009 03:09 PM
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  • 07/15/2009
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Haha I have both CD's of the metal opera. The first CD > the second.

About how long is the game? I might consider playing it.
It is about 8 hours long. I will upload the game tonight to this server. In the mean time, you can get it at http://mazo.rolcr.com
Just some really quick stuff:
1.) Random parts are in Spanish (i.e. gate to cemetery notification and "Escapar" instead of escape)
2.) How does that bunny deal more damage than I do?

That said, it looks beautiful. Might just be the basic RTP for XP, but the mapping looks good.
Also, some crates turn into chess pieces when you check them.
Thanks for the feedback Drakonais. I will fixing those bugs soon.
Do you remember where the crates thing happened (ie in what map or location)?

The bunny is a keen bunny (cousin of the dreaded vorpal bunny) so naturally it will deal more damage than you do. Beware of those rabbits!
Hrm, some more things:

1. You can talk to Regrin before changing his name, and he calls himself Regrin. If you talk to the Druid, you can then change his name.
2. Regrin isn't as tall as everyone else in battle, when he is on the map.
3. The scarecrow's roles should be more obvious, instead of going to it by chance.
4. In the shop, the amount you already own is in Spanish.
5. Outside the house with the girl whose father went to the Cemetary, there is an elf who speaks entirely in Spanish.

I'll post more things when/if I find them.
I remember seeing a program somewhere that can rip all the text from RM2k, Rm2k3, and RMXP games, then put new text in place. I'll give you a link to it if I can find it again, since I take it that you are translating this game from Spanish to English.
Thanks SavageInventions for your feedback. Please post if you find anything else.

GameOverGames, that would certainly be useful. If you can find it, pass it over!
I found it. I haven't actually tried it, but it says it works for RMXP.

author=King Kadelfek
Hello !

I'm King Kadelfek, a french programmer.
I'm here to show you one of my project, DreaMaker.


DreaMaker (DMK) is a software developped for RM2K, RM2K3 and RMXP.
With DMK, you can extract all dialogs from your game.

After, you can edit them on a txt file. You can also use Word to correct mistakes.
You can translate your game, and so on.

And, finally, DMK inserts the string table back into your game.


DMK is working with French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Finnish (all tested).

The software is available with three languages, French, English and Italian.
Don't worry, I don't made the translations. :p

Trebor777 made the translation, it's grammatical correct English. :)


There will be a graphical interface soon. :D


You can download DreaMaker v3.8 here (0.4 Mo) :


RM2K / RM2K3 : put DreaMaker.exe in your Project folder, with the lmu files.
RMXP : put DreaMaker.exe in your Project folder, with Game.exe

You can edit both Language.txt and DreaMaker.ini to use other languages for DreaMaker. :)

I'm sorry, only french documentation is yet available.

But you just have to follow 1-2-3-4 steps in order to edit your dialogs, it's easy. ;)

Some recommendations

- dialogs does have 4 lines maximum on RM, so on DMK too

- in a choice, don't add or remove a line

- There are 4 steps in DMK.
Don't make step 3 twice. You need to make step 2 before you make step 3 a second time.
Because after step 3, the files have changed, so you need to reextract the dialogs to keep the correspondance between your files and the dialogs files.

The step 5 is for advanced users, it can make a patch between 2 versions of your dialog's file.
The step 6 will be a statistic tool (this step will be soon in english).

DMK has been tested on more than 9,000 maps, so I think now there is no bug anymore.

DMK doesn't edit the dialogs in the Database (not yet).
I found a few more things,

1. You can move around while reading the Alchemy Manual.
2. You can get as much Scentless Incense from the chest the imp drops.
3. The Trade Route's canopy doesn't match the other canopies of the area.
4. The dialog choice box for the Fisherman goes off the screen.
5. After scenting the Incense, you can't save in the Grotto until you exit and reenter.
6. There are some passability errors, where I was able to walk over some plants, bags, terrain, and other things I don't think I was supposed to be able to.
7. After getting the Ten handkerchiefs to the Elf who requested them, (The elf who speaks in Spanish, the one I mentioned earlier) you don't lose the handkerchiefs.

I think that's all I found so far, other than the things I posted earlier.
No, wait, some more things,

1. The Choke Bees inflict Drown. After using Choke.
2. After giving the Aromatic Incense, the elf outside the Town Hall asked again to do the same quest. Might be because I nabbed extra Scentless Incense, but maybe not.
3. The Message 'You Could Not Escape,' is not punctuated.
Thanks again guys.

SavageInventions, can you remember the maps on the passability errors?

I will upload a new patch soon. Keep the feedback coming I really appreciate it.
Yeah, they are mostly on the outside of Sesidbhana, and I found two in the Weapon shop. I found no more than those.
I can put up screenshots of where I found them exactly if you want.

Also, I forgot to mention that the elf that stands outside the town hall just appears there when you go to the town hall's door.
Don't worry about the screenshots I think I got them.

About the elf appearing in front of town hall, you will have to download and install the latest patch (3.9.5e), otherwise you won't be able to get into the town hall until you reach level 10.
Alright, I got the patch, and here's what I've found.

1. The elf inside the town hall greets in Spanish.
2. There's a bookcase in the Town Hall, the lower floor, that when you examine it, it comes up as Spanish.
3. You can fight the Werewolf multiple times, getting a lot of EXP, and a bunch of magic item boxes.
4. When fighting (If you do) Jakob and the Bishop, the speaker of the message at the start is in Spanish.
5. If the Bishop and Jakob join you, and you try to go back (Down the mountain), they speak in Spanish.
6. When you reach the tower, when Gabriel speaks to Anna at the top, I'm pretty sure he's saying something in Spanish.
7. On the Sixth floor, I got stuck in-between the bars, and had to restart.
8. Samael is overpowered. Not only by attacking twice per one full turn I have, but by being able to slow down the party even more, and hit all of them for 25-30 damage. Or maybe I'm just underleveled.

You're very good at playtesting.

7. If you get stuck, you can get free by facing the nearest wall (you should be able to turn around).
8. What level are you?
I'm around 13 or 14. I had no problem with the others, so I'm not sure about this one.
If you had no problem with the others, then it might (still) be a bit overpowered. I will look into that.
I finally beat Samael, after a good bit of luck.
And there are more things to report.

1.On the tower, I forgot to mention, there was a /c appearing the text, I believe before the word "Sello".
2. After returning to Sesidbhana, talking to some people resulted in having their text bar be on the wrong event. This may happen beforehand, but I've never noticed it. (Like the shopowners.)
3. When you use the Airship is Sesidbhana, the text appears in Spanish.
4.The Scarecrow at the Tree of Knowledge is in Spanish.
5. One of the lines for the Tree of Knowledge isn't italicized like the rest of it is.
6. You can go to Wintervena(?) before even visiting there in the first place, completely skipping the Snow Weird and the Horned Demon.
7. The Gigas gives over 6000 EXP. Should it have been around 600? I found it far too easy for that much EXP.
8. At the end of the Beach Cave, Gabriel says something in Spanish.
9. Though finding the items to make the thing the Tree of Knowledge tells you to make isn't difficult, the Tree or manual should still let Gabriel know where to find them.
10. If you go backwards from Wintervena(?), down the mountain, and you try to go past the Snow Weird, it starts to move like it normally would, but is prevented from doing so by your party members, causing you to need to reset. Assuming you kept them with you, that is. Also, if you go to the Snow Weird the correct way, and leave, then without exiting the map, go back to the bridge, the Snow Weird moves again, but is stopped by the water, making it so you need to reset.
11. By now, it's started to get somewhat annoying by the lack of notification where a map teleport point is. I would greatly appreciate it if there was something a bit more than a simple path, which sometimes there even isn't. (I'm sure others would appreciate it too.)
12. In the Chess game, the demon tried to move his Bishop, but it was blocked by a pawn of his, causing me to need to reset. Also, on the way to that, there is a small puzzle where you need to push the pots, in it, are specific pots supposed to be put on a specific tiles?
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