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It's all Kevin's fault...

Hello, Kevins of all worlds!
This game, Kevonica, was made by thenutcrackerus with RPG Maker MV and contains many references to other games and media, including Phantasma, that I reviewed previously.

Kevin Odum (K.O. for short) is a dangerous criminal and a bad guy, but he's also the protagonist of this game: trapped inside a game named Kevonica he's forced to confront other versions of himself from other dimensions. Most of these are skilled archers like himself, some are criminals and others are not, the problem is that he wants to go home, but as someone once said "there can be only one!".
But uh, why? He decides to team up with a version of himself, Khatch, because you know... there is safety in numbers!

Battle time! There are five Kevins in this picture!

Kevonica is a linear adventure, with many dialogues and some boss battles. The game includes also minor random encounters with evil robots (that shoot arrows, but since it was another version of Kevin that made them, it may make sense!) that can easily be avoided. Why not? Combat is pretty easy except maybe for the final battle, even if one of the skill you will learn is the key to win. And no, you will never have a lot of skills to use but it's ok even if combat seems a bit of time-waster to the story.

What's pretty good are the graphics, that are somehow cartoony but all original and includes an intro that's also animated. I wish there were more of them because they're really nice. Mapping goes from ok (the forest and Kevonica city) to bad (the hideout/main hub), but I did not find errors or issues, even if the Rtps are large compared to the custom made charsets, in any case there is little exploration to do. Oh and there are also battlers and enemy sprites that are custom made, and they're good even if they do not match very well with the rest of the assets. And what about the custom menu? Looks pretty good with the big images of the party members, but serves at few things like checking Bios and skills (there is no equipment nor useful items in this game).

The story is interesting even if I think I missed some parts, or probably that's because I'm not familiar with the role and the previous stories of these characters, anyway I wonder if something change if you skip the "computer part", but I cannot say more to avoid spoilers, but mind that there are many loooong dialogues.

Ok seems like this is the end! Time to read the...

Final Verdict
Kevonica is a difficult game to judge, not because it's short but because it's very easy and very bizarre. Surely this isn't your usual rpgmaker game, and that's a good point, but for the same reason I do not know if this can be recommended to those who do not know the story of Kevin Odum. It's a difficult game to judge since there are some "meh" aspects and other good ones, so I'll set with a middle ground.


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Hehehee, I'm glad you liked the graphicss/cutsceness, I took a lot of time with them to make them look goodd X)

(Also Khatch and Odum my belovedss, I wanted their dynamic to flow well through the dialoguee) X"DD

If you want to see more about Odumm, you can read the novel he's connected to (That's also connected to my web show ((El origen de los shadows)) like this game buut you don't have to watch it to understand/read the novell) heree
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