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Anabelle is having strange visions of a dragon who is pleading for her help. Is she ready to face the trials ahead of her? Meet her sworn protector, Gregory, as he tries to locate her when she goes missing from his watch.

She'll meet a new friend along the way and venture into dark woods, deep mines, and a mysterious dungeon to find this mysterious dragon that haunts her dreams.

Experience a story driven narrative, turn-based combat, a rotatable camera with compass, SNES inspired Soundtrack by Youfulca, and a lush world map to traverse!

This game was made for a Game Jam and is considered complete in it's current form, but never posted it here for some reason?! So here you go! It is a love letter to games like Wild Arms and Breath of Fire. Would you want more?! Let me know.


Story, Level Design, 3D Assets by DrassRay

Super Retro JRPG Music by YouFulca

First Seed Material by REFMAP ( http://refmap.wixsite.com/fsm-material )

Time Fantasy Characters and Tilesets by FinalBossBlues

RulerGold Font by Humble Fonts

Icons by Pixeltier and 7Souls

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  • 07/26/2023 09:19 PM
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  • 03/27/2022
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This looks like it'd be a fun PS1/DS RPG. Looks promising. Subscribed!
This looks like it'd be a fun PS1/DS RPG. Looks promising. Subscribed!
Thank you!
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