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Pirate puzzle multi-lang. game created in RPG Maker 2003. Originally in Czech only, now I decided to translate it to English as well. I am not good at grammar and the stuff, but I did my best for the translation. I hope you will enjoy the game ! Feel free to post any comment, if you like to. Runs without RTP.

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  • Completed
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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Puzzle
  • 07/12/2009 11:06 PM
  • 09/17/2011 09:27 PM
  • 07/13/2009
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I'm definitely playing this. Looks classic and nice. I'll tell you what I think.
You should try and get your download on the gamepage done too, so I can review it.
Finished, with a triple post. :) I liked it. It was short, but it was a little challenging, not that much, but fun.
Yup it is not long. It was czech rpg maker community event to create pirate minigame with 10maps.max, 30x20 max. each, this is the result and Download added.

I have my review submitted. Something I didn't mention in it though- If you are doing a sequel at any time, tey to vary up the puzzles a tad.
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
I downloaded this from the video you posted on youtube. Very nice work. :)
Wow, I loaded up this game expecting a cute little puzzle game. But I must say this game is simply intelligent, not sure if I should write up a review for this since Brick already has this covered (what a puzzle freak).
It was done in two days for contest. I didnt want to spent much time on it. Cause I am working on different project. Thats the reason of this simple-game. I would say semi-simple thou.

Jesus take the mouse wheel
...and now it's a featured game. Congrats!
I like music, graphics and dialog minimalism - gameplay is most important and is good and intensive and interesting.
Good game !
Now this game is featured !!
What's your problem, kiddo?
I am glad that you enjoyed the game.
Can't get your game to run.

Just get this weird error message:
"An illegal order for floating point number operation"
X-Tech drunken master :) -OK wow this game is like (Lufia) that to is a great game but dose it have the dungen where u can get items and nice wepons ?
well better investigate 4 myself .
I like this game but it has one very big flaw. It restricts saving! It makes no sense for a puzzle game to restrict saving.
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