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Bug fixes

I noticed that some players couldn't play my game due to it missing the RTP, that has been fixed!! Now go and enjoy my game in full textured glory!


A Safe Place Chapter One (DEMO) is now available on Itch.io!

You heard that right! A Safe Place Chapter One: The OtherWorld Takeover (DEMO) is now available on Itch.io! So if you're more of an Itch.io user than an RPGMaker.net user, why not give my game a peak there? Enjoy, Itch.io user! : D

Here's the link:


I've set up a Kickstarter!

Don't forget to give my kickstarter page a little looksie when you can! If we reach this goal, the full version of Chapter One will be able to come out sooner!! : D

The link!


It's ready to download!!

It's finally ready, A Safe Place Chapter One: The OtherWorld Takeover (DEMO) is up and ready to be installed! Go wild!
(Also, check out the new Kickstarter for the full version!)


Sorry about that

Unfortunately, the game has been delayed to Friday of this week, due to unpredicted bugs that I encountered in the game, but fret not, I am fixing them as I speak!


Arriving next week ; )

Stay tuned...

Progress Report

I added a few more finishing touches!

Since my game is basically done, I decided to add some little details, so I went and added some objective signs! What do you think?


Stay tuned ladies and gents...

Something is coming out very soon....

I hope you're all as excited as I am!!! : DDDDDDDD


A new video is about to show up ; )

A new video of mine is coming out in 10 hours, I wonder what it'll be a about?? Guess you lot will have to wait and see in 10 hours!! : D (or whenever you're reading this, so statistically, anywhere between 10 hours to 1 minute)


See you on YouTube in 10 hours


2000 Views already?!?! That's so awesome!!!!!! :DD

Hello everyone!! SkitHeadGames here, and I just gotta say, holy moly!! 2000 views already?? Thank you all so much!! Every single one of you!! :D It's only been two months and we've already gained and extra 1000 views!! I'm happy to see how many of you saw my game!!

The demo build of my game is nearing completion, with only a few things left to add! I am working on a official release date announcement video right now as a matter of fact! So expect some more exciting news REALLY soon!!

Well, that's all for today, but expect a new trailer in the next few days!! :DD
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