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Sacred Reviews: Super Wholesome RPG


"Super Assfuck Wholesome RPG" is a roughly 60 minute long comedy RPG adventure developed by Agrimmora using RPG Maker 2003. A comedy game that seems to have been heavily inspired by a discord call that took place at one in the morning. So you can expect this game to be rather weird. Though, I suppose I've played far weird stuff over the years like "Entropy".


You play as a character named Shitstain whose on a quest to get some chips to celebrate his good mood upon waking up. Unfortunately this simple task turns into an epic quest when the potato chips are lifted high into the air by a shelf that magically appears. As a result it looks were going to have to gather our friends in order to build a tower to reach the chips. And this leads us to exploring various areas such as the sewers, a nearby forest, and the underworld. Of course, even that isn't enough for us to get to the store before our eternal rival Pissstain buys the chips and runs off to eat them outside our Grandma's house.

Of course, our protagonist can't allow his rival to get away with such a thing and follow him. This leads to an epic fight where we kick the shit out of him through the power of ganging up on him friendship. And after beating him up we agree to become half friends with him so he decides to call of Plan B which was to destroy the world and everyone in it since he doesn't have any friends. Unfortunately it's way to late to call off this plan now so it's time for friends new and old to join together for one final fight to save the world from ruin. Do you have what it takes to save the world with your new found half friend? Probably because the final fight is pretty easy with the power of dark magic flowing through our bodies from a friend of a friend.


A lot of the comedy in this game comes from the absurdity of what's going on. Seriously you go to the store and flush yourself down the store's only toilet in order to get into the sewer in order to look for one of your friends named Flea.

Not that Flea!

And while your in the sewer you can come across comics like "Virgin Man" and "Herpes Devil". The game's humor is meant to be off the wall in terms of it's style which can either be a strength or a weakness depending on your comedic tastes.


On the gameplay front this game utilizes the standard combat system that comes with RPG Maker 2003. As such there isn't that much to talk about here beyond the fact you can't run from encounters in this game. And while I'd normally consider this a major issue. All of the encounters in this game are of the touch variety so it balances itself out. After all, you probably wouldn't engage an enemy unless you were sure you'd win. The only other thing of note is that this game lacks a lot of the basic healing items you'd expect such as potions and antidotes. And none of your playable characters learn such skills either. So your healing options are restricted to using the various save points throughout the game world that parody The Real Slim Shady by Eminem. The only other thing of note is that grinding in this game is rather pointless since it takes forever to gain levels. Seriously you need to earn over 700 experience points to reach level two in this game. And the early enemies tend to give you 10 to 20 experience points at most.


The game definitely makes use of some custom assets for both the playable cast and the enemies. I'm a little less sure when it comes to the world itself since some of the stuff seems pretty standard, but I'm pretty sure there are at least a few edits or original tilesets included as well. Though I do wonder if the developer simply had these assets on hand since I have a hard time believing someone would create a bunch of original assets for a joke game like this.


Sound wise the game is serviceable, but the background music tends to be forgettable. The only real exception to this being the few bars played when you win fights and when you use a save point. The first stands out since I swear it comes from "Advance Wars" while the later stands out because the game plays a few bars from The Real Slim Shady by Eminem.


As usual I find comedy games hard to judge since what people find funny is highly subjective. As a result it's hard to know if someone will enjoy this game or not before they play it. Because of this my only recommendation is to seek this game out if jokes about forcing golems to submit to your will because your friend will take away their wifi is something you'd actually enjoy.