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A Remastered commercial version of the game "Stellar Bewitching"! With brand new character redesigns and art done by Berry B! A Sci-Fi turn-based RPG that takes place parallel to the events of Rave Heart. Featuring teenage drama, touching storylines, new alternate paths, and boss rushes the likes of which will test your turn-based knowledge! Will be coming to Steam in short order.


In the Galaxy of Xerxes, Year 212 A.XW. (After Xerian War), parallel to the events of "Rave Heart." A teenage farian girl named Elya Seres residing in Crasper City, Planet Kardel, is troubled for the upcoming Venusia's Day, the day of love and romance. The pressure of her friends asking her why she's still single all this time has pushed her to ask for her slime familiar's help to get her a boyfriend. Her familiar Floryn, however, has different ideas on how they can get Elya her boyfriend for Venusia's Day. A roller coaster ride of an adventure to the Limbo Realm. Will Elya be able to find a guy to show-off for Venusia's day to her friends, will she forever live in the reality that she will remain a single loser in front of her friends for Venusia's day, or will she and her allies be entangled into forces beyond mortal comprehension, under the whims of witches, monsters and gods alike?

  • A boss rush oriented game facing against bosses of varying difficulties. (The first three bosses will net you three difficulties: Hawk, Crow and Dove)
    Alternate routes on certain paths and new paths unveiled from going through the main story.
    Changes from the free version include remastered graphics and alternate art style by Berry B (BerryCrew5).
    Combat has been retooled and refined for RPG Maker turn based veterans. Meaning spamming just basic AOE skills won't be your solution to combat.
    A crossover of other franchises from Starmage, Berry B and other developers from the RPG Maker community.
    An eclectic race of creatures from Penguins and Slimes to anthros and non-human creatures.
    Now with WASD keyboard support available.

- Side View Battle System that uses the Order Turn Combat Style. Taking extra actions or manipulating them using agility manipulation. Inspired by the likes of Octopath Traveler, you can also reduce an enemy's shield points by inflicting weaknesses to enemies. Once the enemy's shield points reach nihil, you can inflict stun to the enemy for two whole turns.

- Support Units who join your entourage on certain routes as your traveling companion. Allows both offensive and/or restorative instant cast effects that can change the tide of battle.



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Stellar Bewitching on STEAM! Wishlist now!

It's official! Stellar Bewitching αΩ (Remastered) is now on STEAM! Wishlist now! We're very excited for its release soon! Hope you all stay tuned! A Sci-fi RPG of teenage drama, romance, limbo realm, aliens, otherworldly creatures, gods, and a playable penguin samurai??!!