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Thanks to everyone who enjoyed Tiamat Sacrament and helped make it featured game for July 2010. The game practically hatched from the crucible of RMN, so it means a lot to have it recognized by those who watched it grow in development.

As Max McGee once advised I point out, "THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THIS GAME IS A DRAGON."

Here is the system2c file that some people have reported is missing from the RTP-free download (just drop image into your RTP/system2 folder): http://rpgmaker.net/users/Drakonais/locker/system2c.png

IMPORTANT NOTE: The version linked to the "Download Now" button is only for people with Rm2k3 and the RTP installed on their computer. If you don't have RM2k3 RTP, there is a version in the downloads section that includes the necessary files.

ALSO IMPORTANT: If you downloaded v 1.0 and have run into a bug (like the notorious movement speed slowdown after certain events in Draslin) chances are it's fixed in the newer version. To get the fix:
1.) Find your save file in the Tiamat Sacrament project folder and move it to your desktop
2.) Download version 1.1 (either with RTP or without, depending on your needs) and install it
3.) Move your save file from your desktop into the new project folder and load up your game


Flash Teaser: http://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/4181/locker/DragonFlash.swf

The Tiamat Sacrament currently is 100% complete, with about 20 or more hours of gameplay. Some sections, like the stealth missions and Vulcan Cannon dodging, are now skippable for those who are experiencing extreme lag in those parts. I've had several bug testers crunch through the entire game and it should be smooth sailing, but let me know by PM if you run into any trouble and I'll be quick to fix it.


Each character has a unique way of learning and utilizing their skills, from Blue Magic-style skill acquisition to element combo breath attacks that take multiple turns to build up.

1.) Az'uar, the dragon and main character, has 35 different possible class evolutions. Each class brings with it a different and unique skill and its own set of weaknesses and strengths. Additionally, having a Soul Gem equipped in battle adds automatically to unique variables that eventually impart skills of their own. Think Magicite from FFVI. This is on top of the breath techniques he can use by inhaling up to three Runes at a time.

2.) Xandra, the scholar and artist, can learn skills by observing enemies use them in battle. She can acquire over 40 different skills in this fashion, with each serving a special purpose and scaling to her intelligence as she levels up. She comes in handy as support for the two fighting characters, but can deal elemental damage and status effects as well.

3.) Kelburn, the Saphirite lieutenant, can wield two Rune Blades at once. While each Rune Blade comes with its unique skill while equipped, the characteristics of two Rune Blades equipped simultaneously blend together and create a new and even more powerful skill (e.g. a poison blade and a double-attack blade create an even more powerful poison skill). Furthermore, when Az'uar inhales, Kelburn temporarily learns Rune Blade skills that typically focus Az'uar's breath into a targeted attack (e.g. a heal all spell becomes a heal one ally spell that's much more effective).

Every skill employed by enemies in battle is obtainable and can used by one the party's three heroes under the right conditions.


The game is heavily story-driven with plenty of puzzles along the way. I've retooled the battles so that they are challenging but don't drag out or slow down game progress. I've made a point to design the game so no one should have to grind. I'm not saying you can't grind for extra levels, but if you use the right tactic, you won't have to mill around fighting random encounters to succeed. Hopefully, with 35 different dragon evolutions and a bunch of optional quests with extra skills and items to be found, the player will be able to customize their gameplay experience.

Each of the three characters have an ability set that depends heavily on the abilities of teammates. This system makes for strategic use of attacks, items, buffs, and specials. I hope you enjoy the game and leave any feedback you might have.

Latest Blog

Second Death and Steam Greenlight

Hey there, RMN! If you enjoyed Tiamat Sacrament, please consider supporting my new project Second Death on Steam Greenlight. It would mean a lot to me if you could take a moment to lend a vote and help get the game Greenlit!

Check out the dev blog on the Second Death page. Thanks!
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Guess I'll not get to see the secret ending... sigh...
I just started the game. The ATB system makes all the bars fill unless you're in a skill/item menu, which can be difficult to deal with if you have to scroll through a lot of options in battle. It also still fills while targeting. Yeah, this could make things tough unless I have a massive speed advantage through overleveling and gear.

The HP percentage to convert an enemy into a Rune is pretty small for Xandra's starting weapon, which can be bad if Az'uar is never able to make an enemy hit that threshold before they die. There's supposed to be a poison enemy skill that might make it easier to force them into that threshold though.

Did anyone reproduce that glitch that flitchard mentioned? The game hasn't been updated for a while, so that secret ending might be impossible to get. Is it significant in terms of story difference, or is it minor?

Does anyone have a chart for Az'uar's class system? I'm not sure which element I should go with for his first evolution. Is it better to specialize in a single element or rotate elements?

I made a Google Sheet for the Rune combinations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JwlMEkesq1gyG6-wnF8aM6f1zvaY6jN1pzIMx-IpZLE/edit?usp=sharing

6/29: I unlocked the second class, allowing Az'uar to inhale three runes. It'd be nice if the cap for holding runes increased with each evolution, since the runes will run out faster if I go for the stronger combinations.

6/30: I tried to grab as much stuff as I could from the 1st stealth mission. There are dragon shards there, so hopefully we can return there. If not, I hope there are more than 50 dragon shards in the game.

When stepping on a save point, the player always gets a prompt asking if they should use a Sanctuary item. The top, already selected choice is always yes, which can be inconvenient to those who want to stockpile Sanctuaries. Similarly, in the strategy board game, pressing Cancel will lead to a prompt where the first choice is "forfeit turn," which is similarly non-reversible. In these situations, you should avoid making the top choice the one with the most consequences.

7/2 During the Alden post-strategy board celebration, there is a certain choice you can make. However, you can't save during this segment, which means if you want to pick a different choice, you have to do that strategy board all over again.

7/3 I got Az'uar to evolve into a Gaia Dragon (Water, Earth, Wind), making him immune to status effects.

7/4 In the last moving statue puzzle of Fyradin, I managed to get the statues to form a bridge between the pyramid and chest, but the game still won't let me cross. I solved the puzzle before normally and then reset at the entrance before attempting to solve for the chest, so could that be the cause? Also, it would be better if we could reset puzzles individually instead of having a reset switch for all of them in the first room.

7/6 I figured out the secret behind the signs in the Borderlands, as well as the mysterious NPC who tells you to look for hidden dragon glyphs.

* From town, head east three times until you find a sign that you cannot seem to interact with. You will notice that the terrain forms the glyph for "to the right"
* Head east again to find the second sign. If you're on the right track, you'll see the glyph for "to the front"
* Head north to find the glyph "to the left"
* Head west to find the glyph "to the back"
* Head south to find the glyph for turning back time. You might recognize this one from a puzzle in Unoquil's dungeon.
* Retrace your steps by going north, east, south, and west. You will find a hidden map with the Rune Badge, an accessory that boosts max MP based on how many times you successfully turned an enemy into a rune. To update the badge's stats, you must unequip and reequip it.

7/7 Thanks to the arena, I somehow caused a glitch where my strategy badges got duplicated.

As for the bug flitchard mentioned about cutscenes, these seem to happen randomly. Sometimes, you can get the cutscene to work when viewing them again.

Draslin got destroyed, so any dragon shards there are gone forever. I hope I got them all.

Pro-tip for those going for the secret ending: Keep your pre-final boss save so you don't have to refarm runes. Use the post-final boss save to look for all dragon shards you missed, and then get them in the pre-final boss save. That way, you'll have plenty of ammo for the bonus boss.

The secret version of the final boss still has the exact same broken AI as the normal final boss. He claims he can inhale three runes at once due to Saphira's powers, but he still chooses to resurrect his minion over any other action, meaning he never gets to use his new power.

OMG, I didn't realize this until after I beat the true final boss, but you if you reduce Az'golath to 20% HP or less, he can be turned into the Rune Blade, Excalibur. I thought it was weird that the bonus room said there were 10 Rune Blades, but that's because you have to make the 10th blade yourself. However, doing this will not change the following cutscene, since dragons turned into Rune Blades are effectively dead anyways.

7/12 Even with Essence Filter, a triple rune combo will cost over 2000 HP if you have no runes. Plus, equipping Essence Filter means unequipping Lung Shield. Yeah, non-rune skills are probably the least risky way to deal with the final boss, though I'm sure players with the reflexes to get around the game's ATB can use this mechanic to kill the final boss quicker. It is worth it, since the final phase took me 15 minutes without runes and 9 minutes with runes.

Also, I checked and final boss's minions can be sealed into three runes at once. If you have Xandra's ultimate palette, you can extract three Omni Runes from a minion and use those instead of Dragon Essence. I'm sure this is the intended strat for the final boss.

7/15 It's still pretty easy to rune the minions in time before the final boss can act, locking their AI into always reviving the minion. I think you would be better off delegating the minion revival to another, tankier minion. This will allow the final boss to focus on offense. This would also create a bit of a tactical choice for the player. They can choose to let the reviver unit live so they can farm runes, but at the cost of having more enemy attacks to deal with. They can also kill the reviver to lower the number of enemy attacks, but at the cost of eliminating their source of runes.
to make this game better, artwork needs a big update
a bit um.
5th grade level here. 0_0
to make this game better, artwork needs a big update
a bit um.
5th grade level here. 0_0

That's appropriate, because the maker of this game was probably in 5th grade at the time of it's development. We all were back then, or thereabouts.