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Dime A Dozen is a semi-traditional turn based RPG taking inspiration from the 1980's.

The setting is an unnamed Japanese city in the year 1985. Twenty years earlier, scientists discovered that another dimension existed. They named is the Zero Dimension, as it is an infinite void, covered in a thin layer of strange black liquid. When stimulated with electricity, the liquid forms into a dangerous creature known as an An0m@ly.

Twelve subjects are chosen, most of them young teens. They are given An0m@lic cells, and they become one with the An0m@lies. The results are as planned: Each of the subjects gains a powerful attribute, at the cost of their sanity. The subjects learn to cope, however, with the parasite, and live in unsteady peace at the facility.

The IDP, or Interdimensional Police, grow worried over the growing aggression from the half-An0m@lies. They decide to try to remove the An0m@ly from one of the subjects, Grant. During the operation, however, they accidentally kill Grant, leaving the An0m@ly with full control over Grantt's body. He destroys the base and electrifies the entire Zero Dimension. An0m@lies pour into the city and surrounding area.

The Hunters, a group of assassins, soldiers, and bounty hunters, are assembled to fight them all. In the end, the Hunters are victorious, and a deal is made with Grant.

All of the half An0m@lies are allowed to live normal lives if they promise not to use their powers. They are also forbidden to contact any of the other subjects besides their assigned partners. They all agree to this, and are content for a while.

The IDP (Inter-Dimensional Police), lead by Agent Z, grows restless. They are in charge of keeping track of all the half An0m@lies, and recently they have had trouble contacting some of them. They decide to take a head count, and order that they all check in. In the end, only four show up. Z asks them to help track down the rest, with the aid of a Hunter. They agree. The game follows these characters as they try to find and apprehend the remaining half An0m@lies.

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