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The world of Gloom balances on the edge of calamity. The creatures devour each other. Corruption runs rampant in the cities. The Verrick assert their dominance. Death knells ring from the Reiken'O village of Shen-Lan. The last of the Sua-Roo awaits her fate.

The Great Alignment is almost upon us.

Hymn to the Earless God is a turn-based RPG by the developer of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass. Explore the dangerous world of Gloom, a planet inhabited by bloodthirsty tribes of insectoid creatures as one of four main characters with distinct stories:


The Verrick live by the harshest rule of nature: only the strong survive. While most Verrick are imposing monsters, the lowly slave Pox the Vile is no more than a runt, the kind that Queen Agony routinely discards so that the Verrick Horde will grow stronger. But, Pox has guts and ambition, and he's got more ruthlessness inside of him than any other Verrick. He'll do whatever it takes to crush Queen Agony, claim her throne, and conquer the world!


In the village of Dream, the Chosen One of the Ahm awakens on the first day of her journey. She is Capella, the last of the Sua-Roo. Two warrior-priests from Dewdrop City have arrived to escort her to the Moonlight Temple. The road is long and dangerous, but Capella's faith will guide her through the horrors of the outside world. After all, she is the Chosen One. She will give birth to God.


Of all the tribes of Gloom, nothing's lower than a Skyx, and Phlegm is the lowest Skyx there is. But, he doesn't care much about what the rest of the world thinks of him; he's content hanging out with the rest of his dirtbag friends, picking pockets to get by, and doing odd jobs if he really has to. After picking the wrong pocket, Phlegm is forced into the employment of one of the most unsavory characters in Raja Balquar, which triggers a series of events that will lead Phlegm to one of the most deeply kept secrets in all of Gloom.


The mating ritual failed. The seed did not take, and Shear's eternal mate lay dead on the ground, his head consumed to nourish a child that will never exist. Shear is the Wind that Cuts, one of Shen-Lan's greatest warriors, but the traditions of the Reiken'O are strict: there must be a balance between life and death. A warrior that can only take life will upset the balance. On this day, Shear awaits her own ritualistic suicide. But, for a moment, she looks up and sees her eternal mate once again, headless, his body translucent, pointing towards the village exit. She soon finds her legs propelling her forward, down the mountain, her hand twitching over the hilt of her blade as she attempts to severe the chains that bind her.


-Four full-length stories, each with unique threats to the world of Gloom.

-Little redundancy between characters. Each story will feel fresh, there is little repeated dialogue, and even the monsters that share locations will generally be unique to the characters.

-A dark, alien atmosphere inspired by the Lennus series.

-About 40 recruitable mercenaries, each with their own playstyle and personalities.

-Mercenaries will also react to situations differently. One might betray you for a better offer, one might run away from combat if fighting a monster they've been traumatized by, one might gain new abilities if you help them achieve revenge--the mercenaries have all been integrated into the world and events you'll come across as you explore.

-On-map encounters similar to Chrono Trigger. Each encounter is methodically placed and integral to the level design, and most encounters can be avoided by paying attention to your surroundings.

-Turn-based combat with a visual turn indicator. Make tactical decisions about who to take out first, or utilize one of several debilitating status effects to manipulate the turn order in your favor.

-Devour your enemies! After defeating a monster, you can eat their corpses to gain buffs and health bonuses. Or, you can poison corpses so that enemies who try to devour them get an unpleasant surprise.

-Magic operates differently depending on the biome you're in. For instance, casting Sludge Bomb in a swamp will damage and slow your opponent, but if you do it in a cold mountainous region, it won't hit as hard, but the slow will be much more effective.

-Lots of powerful equipment hidden behind secret, horrifying bosses. The world of Gloom is a terrifying place...you'll have a blast exploring it!

-Modifiable weapons give players more control over the unique properties of their equipment without being chained to the base attack stat.

-Go on a crime spree with Phlegm, who can steal from anyone in or outside of battle.

Default Controls:

A: Confirm

S: Cancel, run toggle

Space Bar: Attack (outside of battle)

Enter: Menu, toggle enemy health

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Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Yoooooo this looks sick! I can't wait to see where this project goes!

i am ready to be haunted
You're magical to me.
I'm so hype for this :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
Bugs deserve more RPGs.

Thank you for contributing to the cause.
Fantastic demo! This is gonna be amazing.
You're magical to me.
I wanted to give some more thorough thoughts now that I've played all the available gameplay from the demo :D

The graphics are amazing, the heroes all have these super-fluid walk cycles that are almost hypnotizing to watch, and all of their in-battle actions look incredible, both the physical blows and magic casting. The battle animations are punchy and the sound design in battle ensures that you feel the hits in a satisfying way.

Enemy sprites are big, bold and do that wonderful Chrono Trigger thing where they'll either be hanging out in the environment or jump out of holes or water or whatever when it's time to rumble. It's great and makes me smile! Also the way item-holding interactables on the field spring to life and give you their goodies also looks and feels awesome!!!

The music is amazing, and sends you down a deep dark hole all the way to the center of Gloom. It helps sell the dire eat-or-be-eaten feel of Pox's chapter as well as the general otherworldlyness of Gloom as a whole. As someone who regularly returns to the Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass soundtrack, I can already tell that I'll surely be doing the same for this game's OST :DDDD

Pox's segment in the demo is certainly a feast, no pun intended. It feels desperate and like every moment's going to be your last, and really conveys the bug-eat-bug world we're in and put me in the mindset of Pox and his plight to get any damn health so I could survive and get the hell out of there.

Atmosphere of the locations really shines here from the everyday locations of the hive to deep clawing darkness of the pit you get tossed in, shrouded by darkness where the fallen are desperate for their next meal or otherwise hiding for survival.

Capella's chapter had more of the feeling of what the RPG's standard mode of play will (I assume) feel like. That's not at all a bad thing, as having a more normal less frenzied pace to explore and just do the RPG dance is very appreciated in and of itself; every moment can't be super do-or-die or there's no ebb and flow.

All in all, her chapter felt like playing a really tight Chrono-Trigger area with a tense but satisfying boss battle at the end. It left me both feeling satisfied but really wanting to see more at the same time, which is a positive feeling IMO.

All in all, this demo just reinforces the hype I had for the game, it is excellent. Do I have any suggestions or criticisms? Some very small ones, I'll leave them under a tag since I've already rambled a ton:

The pop-up text in battle could do with a black outline around it, In Capella's quest the poison pop-up is almost impossible to see for me on the green of that level, an outline would make text like that always clear no matter where you are. It would also allow you to have, say, white floor and still be able to see HP damage pop up.

It seems weird not to have character level displayed by their names. You have to go into their status menu to see their level.

While devour works really well when you're in dire need of health, I'd watch it closely as a mechanic. In some instances in Capella's campaign, devouring will recover less HP than the average attack of the remaining monsters. If this escalates over the game as battles progress, it could make the devour command a forgotten or underused mechanic.

An idea you could incorporate to give it even more oomph is to have some enemy corpses give devour-exclusive perks for spending a turn eating them. Like say the mana-eating enemies could recover some mana on top of the HP restore, or maybe a speedy or buffy enemy could give you a speed buff or some other short bonus blessing when consumed. Just an idea.

Okay, I'm done giving my thoughts! :DDD As I said elsewhere, this has so much potential that I hope that you not only get fully funded over on Kickstarter but get as many of those stretch goals as humanly possible! :DDDDD Really pumped for this and I can already tell this is going to be a masterpiece. I cannot wait to see everything that Gloom has to offer and to hear the Hymn of the Earless God!!!
Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

Unity, thanks so much for the write-up; I've been excited about this game for so long, and it's so cool to see other people getting excited, too! It's been a while since I've been blessed with Unity feedback! I'm going to respond to your hidden text below:

-We weren't able to get all of the polish we wanted done in time and focused more on getting the core gameplay across. We do want to make an outlined version of the font we're using for damage pop-ups, but we decided to just get the demo out and worry about that later.
-We should definitely add the character levels on the HUD. I think we also don't have names because it created some weird blank space, but the level would totally fill that.
-Devour's going to have a lot of weird nuances to it over the course of the game, so no worries there. That said, your characters do auto-devour after combat, but the fastest get first pick, so devouring is generally useful for slower characters to build up their HP once their reserves get depleted. You'll also be able to gain a buff called "Satiated" for three turns if you eat while full--it's the buff Starving Wretches get when they eat a corpse. Actually, now that I think about it, not including that in the demo was a bit of an oversight, haha.
You're magical to me.
Sounds great! :DDD I know the game's in good hands and I'm so excited to see the game morph from this larval stage into its final completed form over time, if you'll pardon me being cheesy :P
I had a good time playing the demo. The way everything moves in this game really does feel like Chrono Trigger in a way that nothing else I can think of does. Great job on that!

Pox's scenario is disgusting and vile, and I mean that as a compliment. I don't know how you managed to write a story that had me rooting for someone like Pox, but you did. From what little dialogue there is in Capella's part of the demo, she seems like she'll be a fun character. All of the main characters have great designs, too, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Phlegm and Shear are like.

I'm sure the combat will get more involved later in the game, as more characters and skills become available and the enemies get tougher, but in the demo it was pretty simple; I think there was only one time I was able to use Pox's tech where a regular attack wouldn't have been just as good, and Capella's party didn't get much use out of their skills outside of the boss fight, which was definitely the highlight of the demo gameplay-wise.

This is a really minor, weird thing, but Whisper and Sleep tend to position themselves in combat with Whisper on the left and Sleep on the right, but their status windows are the other way around, and since their outfits are similar, I found myself mixing them up occasionally, and even used a healing spell on the wrong one at one point.

Just from this fairly brief demo, there's a lot I want to know about this world, like
Is Queen Agony the only female Verrick who can reproduce, like a queen bee, so the talk about "inferior genes" is partly her being choosy about her own mates? Or is she just a tyrant with a eugenics program? Is Capella right that giant spiders are just heartless monsters? Is she the only vegetarian in the world?

So yeah, really looking forward to the full game!
Thanks for the feedback! We're definitely going to make it clearer who is currently acting and who is being targeted in the future, so I'll see if we can fix the positioning vs. face graphics issue as well.
So, uh...


Still got like a day and a half left on the clock if anyone's interested in some cool swag or hitting the stretch goals!
all thanks to rmn no doubt
Guardian of the Description Thread
Congratulations on reaching the initial funding goal of the Kickstarter, Housekeeping!
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Congratulations on the Kickstarter funding! Good luck with the rest of development!
Thanks! Kentona, I know you're joking, but in a roundabout way rmn is kind of responsible for me as a dev. If this place didn't exist, my first game would have been played by like five people on a tiny forum and I wouldn't have been able to really get critiqued and grow as a dev enough to get to this point. I really have a lot of love for this place; I wish I would have come here when I was younger so I would have had the time to do a bunch of game jams and made joke games.

Oh, and Kickstarter's metrics said that 5 backers were referred from the link here!
So stoked this project hit its goal!!
grats! think this might be the first KS i ever funded. so let this pressure you
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Oh, and Kickstarter's metrics said that 5 backers were referred from the link here!

I just want to point out that I backed this before the game page on RMN was even up. I promise you that more than 5 people from this site came out to support you and this project.
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