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Rewriting and interactivity.

As of lately i realized something, TGSET 3's early sections kinda suck shit in terms of writing! like even for my standards as a pretty subpar writer the writing is just not good! theres alot of TGSET 2 writing remenants here, mainly based on dumb convos with my friends which while is a fun writing style clashed kinda badly with the later section. So ive been rewriting alot of stuff here and i think its fairly solid so far!

And about interactivity, ive noticed how fun it is to put dinky little gags in environments, so ive been trying to put some more of those in the game! Once the full thing is out make sure to interact with anything, sometimes youll get items from it, sometimes a laugh if our humor aligns (which isnt likely, but oh well) but sometimes it can go a bit south, so watch out! I also wanna try adding some short little side quests you can do, like a robbery task you can do to get some cash, but watch out! the cops are gonna try to stop you!

Anyways thats all, thanks for reading!


New Years Resolution!

Its 3 in the morning, i feel like total shit and am hardly awake, what better time to talk about the future?! Anyways, hope you are all having a great new year! mine was pretty awesome, just like what i have planned for 2024!
Finishing TGSET 3 has been on my highest priority lately, and ive been doing some good progress on that, so expect the game to be out sometime in 2024! I also plan to finish Pokemon Purple 2 in the same year, cause now that i know Pokemon Essentials more i should be able to more swiftly make stuff. I also hope to update TGSET 1 and possibly 2, although thats not confirmed. And last but certainly not least is a 3D sorta RPG project ive been working on! its a complete remake of a horrible unfinished mess of a game i worked on in like 2021 called "I Wamna Get The Key", although with the complete overhaul of the plot, ill have to come up with a new name... You can see some footage of that project along with alot of my other shit on my youtube, so go look at that here! https://youtube.com/@aspen71?si=Ua3ii_kvSKN5-6X0

Anyways, thanks for reading and happy fucking new year!


Confusion.. Pt. 2

I did some more pondering, and i decided im probably gonna go with one longer more focused story for this game, since i feel like having everything in one story is better than having 2 seperate stories, and the main issue i had with one story (less replayability value (although i doubt anyone would wanna replay this)) is sorta counteracted by the planned enhanced mode, that lets you have more fun with everything the game will have to offer. I think having one story could help me hopefully make it a better story than if i had 2 seperate ones! im still far from a decent writer, but i feel like focusing on one thing could help learning.



Recently ive been doing some more work on TGSET 3, and i started pondering, what if instead of doing 2 seperate paths i just focused on making one longer story? Cause on one hand itd be easier to focus on one thing, but on the other both of the previous games had split paths so itd feel kinda odd to not do it here.

What do you guys think?


Now available on Mobile!

I got bored last night and ported the game to Android! It works surprisingly well, but custom names and the bump sound plugin had to be removed.. Anyway, try it here!



Exactly a year ago, i released one of my most ambitious projects, TGSET 2!
It hardly worked when it first got released, but after an awesome video me and my friend did, i patched out most of the bugs and updated the game to make it even more awesome!

Its crazy to think its been a year already, and id like to thank the ~120 people who downloaded the game across itch.io and here! It truly means alot to have broken the 100 download milestone on two games already with how much Pokemon Purple has been popping off on itch!

So, about the demo now, lets see what it adds!
First, theres the 20-30 minutes of gameplay i added, youll be fighting your way through hell and halluciantions!
But of course you need weapons to kick ass, and i added some new ones like the Sledgehammer and Demon Spear! The first can pack quite the punch with its increased crit rate, and the demon spear can make the whole game even more of a joke than it already is with its Firey Stab! (Seriously, do NOT underestimate how useful status effects are in this game!)
I also went and redid most of the enemy sprites, along with a new title screen and improved HUD thats tottaly not stolen from another game!

That outta the way, thank you for reading, and go kick some ass in the new TGSET 3 demo!

Progress Report

TGSET 3 Plans.

Im not quite done yet with the demo! i plan to release an updated version with some more content in it, although after that its probably just going to be bug fixes if there need to be any until the full game is out.

Speaking of, when do i plan to release the full game? well since i plan to have about 80 minutes of gameplay with 2 paths (So 30 minutes, you pick a path, then 50 more minutes) and im about 15 minutes into the first path, im hoping to have it done by around january! Of course i dont promise anything, but since ive been working on it alot more lately, i feel like january should be a good enough planned release date.

Also, since Pokemon Purple has been getting quite alot of attention over at itch.io recently (and even surpassed TGSET 2, my most succesful game yet in overall downloads, TG2 having 118 and PP having 138 across both itch and here) Im considering giving it a little expansion and update! Im considering also bringing back the 2 TGSET 2 Expansions i briefly worked on yet never finished, "All Hell Breaks Loose" and "Christmas Adventure", although i still gotta think about it..

Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoy this TGSET 3 clip!
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