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An unofficial sequel / fangame of Provolone by JosephSeraph, created by Jo Seraph for the Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams. ยด
That accounted for 263 characters of the required 500. Incidentally this also happens to be the second paragraph. We are now at 396* characters. (As of the number 9 of 396).

Just like Provolone, Ruins of Provolone is a self insert Power Fantasy. This time you don't even need the proxy of Seraphine -- although she's the deuteragonist, you'll get to possess the body of Adam, a doll crafted from flesh for the sole purpose of being your cozy little home for what could perhaps be more than 5 minutes.

-Pre-Rendered Backgrounds
-An almost entirely unoriginal MIDI soundtrack, ranging from your classic VGM songs to Bjork, David Bowie and Namie Amuro! Please do sue me. It could help me feel something
-A classic assortment of ambitious, unfinished and incoherent gameplay systems truly befitting of the 2000/2003 days.
-Bugs! Hopefully lots of bugs. Save often, and on different slots!
-A whole bunch of nothing! I also hope to deliver lots of empty maps and vaguely incomprehensive dialogue so you can't really understand what the characters are all about. If I pull it of, you'll not even notice there are characters at all!

That's about it.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This is the best game description on the entire site
these are the best empty maps I've ever seen!
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