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Dimensional Rift Walkthrough - Kazesui

--- The tower ---

Wait 33 seconds and go down to the lower left part of map. The there will be a tiny disturbance in the area happening at about 5 seconds intervals after the 33 seconds has passed (it's right below the skeleton). Walk into it.

--- Dark realm ---

Wait 13 seconds and walk between the 2 statues. follow the path to the left until you reach the end. Either examine the skeleton twice, or go take the chest and examine the skeleton.
Now walk to the other end of the map and open the castle door. Continue to the right and hit the middle switch. memorize the sequence and step on the switches in the same order as the sequence. be vary of the ghost which appear closeby every now and then.
Once the memorizing puzzle has been beaten, walk to the top of the castle.

--- The inbetween sealed off realm ---

the alex on the left
approach him from above and when close to him but not close enough too get teleported away, walk 2 steps to the left and continue down until you reach him.

The upper alex
Approach him from the right and walk right into the teleport. Then continue to walk as far right as you get and walk 1 down and you will be placed right infront of him

The alex on the right

. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . x x . . . . .
. . . . . . x x x . .
. . . . . . . . . x .
. . . . x x . . . x .
. . x x . . . x . . .
. . . x . A . x . . .
. . . . x . . x . . .
. . . . . x x . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .

A = alex, x = obstacle, . = free space

just avoid the obstacles and walk to him through the passageway over him.

--- Realm of Courage ---

Start by running to right until you reach the first room. Walk over the first switch and continue to the lever. Pull the lever and run to the room it opens. make sure not to run into the arrows before you're cut of by the wall, as it would cost precious time. once done, pull both levers inside the room, and push the box onto the arrows and let it hit the switch for you while you go into the room it opens. pull the lever and walk down to the right and continue to the next room

pull the lever and start by running on the upper lane. switch to the lower lane once you're passed the arrows in the lower lane going in the opposite direction and keep running in that lane until you're pushed into the other.
switching before costs more time since you don't get slowed down by the arrow pulling you to the other lane, you will by the arrows going in the opposite direction however. switch back to the lower lane as soon as there's an arrow going in the right direction and continue running until you reach the door, preferably before it closes.

Pull the lever and... good luck, not much help to give here since it's basically just about getting fast enough to the end without being hit by the spikes too often. A tip would be to try and keep as close to the inner wall and not take the detour around the other. Also don't care if you get hit a few times in the process, make use of the 4 points of health you have to get as far with them as possible.

Go the the room with the boxes and push them out of there and push them on the arrows going downwards, hindering your progress. continue until you've placed 6 boxes there, at which point you will be able to cross the gap

Push the box onto the arrows, and with some timing, run along with the box, using the box to prevent you from being pushed down. after having done this, continue to the mini alex.

--- Realm of Power ---

Walk to the lever, pull it, and run through the door before it closes, and without getting killed by the slimes.

Lure the golem on to the step switch and walk through the door while it's on it.

Pull the lever, and try to survive in the room with the skeletons for 35 seconds. if you're lucky, you can make em walk into stones and each other in such a way that they won't be able to move for the remainder of the time, but if not lucky, just run around a little and try not to be caught. once done, make sure not to get hit by the liches throwing schythes, as dying at this point would mean having the deal skeleton trap once again.

Pull the lever and release the black knight. run back down to the scythes and make sure to make the knight run into them. after having been hit 3 times he will die.

if you're in the line of sight of the lich once he stops up, he will throw a scythe at you. use this to make him throw a scythe at the switch at the other side of the hole, and go get the key afterwards. continue to the left afterwards.

Make the dragon run over the switches. For the final switch it would work good if you position yourself at postion "O"

x . . o D . . . x
. . . x . x . . .
. x . . s . . x .
. . . x . x . . .
x . . . . . . . x

let the dragon run into you so that it ends up at point D. Now run up and let the dragon go once to the left and quickly run down and to the right, so that it will go back to position D, and then lure him to walk down onto the switch. once that is done the door will open and you can walk to the mini alex.

--- The realm of Wisdom ---

go to the second lowest point at the ice field and slide to the right.
then follow the sequence: up,left,down,left,down,left,up. Continue to the next room

Push the box down and bring it to the right. Walk onto the teleport stone and see where it takes you. Put the box at the exact location it takes you and walk over the teleport stone and take the treasure.
Now keep pushing the box to the left onto the ice field and make sure it's up to the upper wall. slide back to the snow, walk 2 down, slide back to the left and push the box up, continue to slide around and push the box to the right, and let yourself slide up to the lever and pull it. There's also a secret path leading to the nearby tablet room if you examine the walls.

Pull the lever and bring the box along with you on the way up. Go to the room to the right and pull the switch with right timing as to get the box to land upon the switch. notice that you have to make the box land on the arrows before the switch reaches that point, due to crappy collision detection in rm2k3. once this is done keep pushing the box into the room above and put the box on one of the switches, and push the middle crystal onto the other

the numbers represent the different crystals

1 8
2 7

3 6
4 5

follow this sequence:
4 right, 6 left, 6 up, 1 right, 8 down, 4 up, 4, right, 4 down, 2 down, 2 right, 2 up, 2 right, 8 left, 5 up.
Walk through onto the teleport stone, and walk back onto the teleport stone once at the other end. Then walk to the other teleport stone. NOTE: The final crystal puzzle is unsolvable. You must give up and head back where you came to progress.

Follow the exact movements of the ghost while not touching the ghost. be vary of the last bit as it will backtrack a little, which will cause you too fail as well if it touches you.

walk onto the right teleport stone, push the box to the right and walk down (not right) on the teleport stone and keep pushing the box until there is one space between the box and the wall. then keep teleporting until you reach the upper room. continue over the teleport stone and open the door with the key from the chest earlier on. smack the mini alex.

--- Final Boss Alex ---

Push the crystals onto the spikes. You have to do this before alex performs 4 moves/attacks, as he will summon them back after each 4th move. be careful not to try to move them once they flash yellow since they will hurt you at that point.
Once all the crystals has been placed on a spiked tile, make sure to keep your distance from alex, though close enough and on line with him, so that he will hit himself with the firespell once he casts it. Once he's been hit 3 times by his own fire spell he's been defeated.

And that's pretty much it, most of it anyway.