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updated game: version 1.3

- made small fixes
- added new events
- a little more polish here and there


Short guide about the game mechanics

This is an explanation of some of the mechanics and
systems of this world, to help the player advance
his investigation. This text was also added as books
to the player's house within the game.

- Game systems 1 - The investigation

_The day/night cycle only advances while outside,
in the four main hub areas (Town, forest, farm and beach).

_The dialogue of npcs is divided in 3 topics:
1 - situational: based on where the npc is at that moment.
2 - Daily commentary: based on the day.
3 - investigation: Based on the active story flag.

_Every IMPORTANT npc in town has a line related to the
investigation, but if the story flag about him is not
yet activated, his commentary about the case will probably
be a lie.

_The Daily commentary dialogue updates every new day.
Every IMPORTANT npc has a unique line for all the 60 days
of the year, based on his personality and life.

_For an efficient investigation, the player should talk to
his aunt at his house. She will give you hints on who
to talk next, and that's also a clue if the story flag has
advanced or not.

_Npcs traverse the town and adjacent areas during the day.
They go on their own routine and each one has a schedule
to attend to.
While they're walking, their dialogue will
spell what they're going to do next.
A meaningful conversation can be had only when they reach
their destination and are not on a set route to another area.

- Game systems 2 - Side content

_There are many side-quests that can be completed around
town. However, some are not readily available. Understanding
the routine of some npcs is the way to discover these.
As an example: The wife of the hunter goes to the cow/chicken area,
where there's a fish pond, right around 4:00pm. If the player
talks to her at this exact hour, he will be able to have a
"deeper" conversation, where she's going to open up about her
personal feelings.

_Some npcs offer direct side-jobs and mini-games, as
means of making quick money.
*Stores offer money daily if the player finds the required object.
*certain npcs have mini-games that can be activated at certain
hours of the day.

_There's also many passive ways of making money, by collecting
certain materials found in the nature.
Wood from trees using an axe, mining for diamonds using a hoe,
fishing, etc... These are items that can be sold.

_There's 18 festivals, and for most of them, 15 exclusive
mini-games that can only be played during the specific event.
Most of them have random set of rules and random prizes, so
it's a mix of luck with ability to be able to complete them.

_randomized dungeons around the world offer a way to collect precious
artifacts, that can also be sold for good money. There are enemies
and traps within, and even some puzzles, so save before going in.


This probably covers most of what's obscure in the game, but there
is alot more content in there. I hope it helps new players getting
to experience this game without spoiling too much.


Bug fixes

Change log:

- Fixed crash if fishing right around midnight.
- Fixed some typos.
- Fixed many random bugs that would crash the game.
- If the player is hurt by enemies and get stuck in a
direction, he can use the spines object inside the house to fix it.
- Added new events based on calendar.
- Added new ending that is triggered based on a side-quest.

Old saves still work in the updated game, but unexpected bugs may
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