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Explore an open world filled with wild slime monsters. Battle slimes to capture cubes, use them for crafting along your adventure. Return home and expand your farm. Plant crops and earn precious gold. Meet the locals and befriend them, giving gifts to earn their love. This is Suramon.

Purchase the game on Steam! or Google Play!

Why "Suramon"? Suraimu is the word slime in Japanese. Monster is often shortened to 'mon in games like the Pokemon and Digimon series. So Sura+mon = Suramon. The subtitle "First Fuchsia" was added to represent the first game in a planned series, with each name using a color. Second Saffron is a working title for a possible second instalment, for example. The color fuchsia is used many times during the game, and will also be used in the name of the evil corporation the player will face on their journey.

Suramon is best described as a monster capture-like RPG, with farming elements and a beautiful open world to explore. There are elements of games like Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and Skyrim.. wrapped up in a classic 2D retro package.

About the Game:

Suramon: First Fuchsia is the first in a planned series of farming and monster capture-like RPGs from indie developer Solohack3r Studios. This genre-blending game puts a focus on capturing Slime Cubes, rather than the monsters themselves.

After inheriting a farm from your uncle and moving to a mysterious valley, the player discovers a world that is filled with colorful slime creatures called Suramon. These creatures roam free and play a part in the day-to-day life in this world. Players will run their farm and try to make a living while exploring the region and fighting the 100 different breeds of slime monsters that wander the land. Each slain Suramon drops a Suramon Cube: a highly sought after element. Each Cube is made up of the organic slime material for each slime, and will differ in color and style to the creature it comes from.

Once the player becomes a Suramon Scout, they will be tasked with collecting the different Cubes for a research lab so they can be used for further scientific discoveries. They will also be tasked with filling their SuraDex: an encyclopedia of all the Suramon that call the region home.

Players will quickly learn of a mysterious and shadowy organization called Fuchsia Corp. An organization that wants to capture all of the Suramon for themselves, and use them for devastating purposes. Can the player stop them before it's too late?

Explore a vibrant world filled with colorful slime creatures and colorful villagers who want to get to know you. Battle the Suramon slime monsters and collect Cubes. Grow your farm and renovate your farmhouse. Befriend and gift the local villagers to grow your friendship with them. Fall in love with different romance options and get married. And don't forget to eat and drink to survive! The world of Suramon awaits.

From the Dev:

I have always wanted to develop a monster capture game. Pokemon will forever be part of my childhood (and even my adulthood), and it left a lasting impression on me. But as a solo indie dev who tries to give players something different, I wondered what I could bring to the genre. I wanted to differ from the usual monster taming elements, and expand the world around the monsters to include life sim elements and those classic farming elements from games like Stardew Valley. I also wanted to give players freedom. That is the key element in every game I make. I want players to explore a sandbox, and have the freedom to go whichever direction they please.

Suramon is now available on Steam & itch!

Latest Blog

Suramon Now Available on Google Play

Hello everyone!

I have some exciting news. Suramon is now available on Android. You can now take the open world of Suramon and it's slime monsters wherever you go. It's pretty much a direct port, except for a few control changes and audio changes. Notably the addition of an on-screen touch gamepad, a first for one of my games.

You can check it out here on Google Play!

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