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Meet Lily, an energetic young lady with a love for exploration. One boring day at school, Lily looks up at the sky and begins to ponder. "Is the moon really made of cheese?" Determined to find out, Lily sneaks out of school and tries her hand at some parkour using her parasol, to try to make her way up to the moon.

Look, man, I don't know either.

Help Lily make her way to the moon! There are four tough levels to overcome, each more difficult than the last. Float across deadly chasms, grapple your way through tight corridors, and make your way upwards! And for an extra challenge, you can try finding the big coins! Once you've perfected the main game, there's also an extensive cheat selection to spice things up! With its tight controls, colourful graphics and expertly-crafted levels, as well as a great soundtrack, this short yet addictive game is sure to keep you coming back for more!

This game also features a simple yet robust level editor that allows you to make your own Onward and Upward! DX challenges! Create the exact setting you wish for your level, play it through and share it with the world! From clever puzzles to devilish gauntlets, there's always something new to play!

Originally made for GBJam 11.

Available to download from RMN, Steam and Itch!
If you download the Steam version, you'll also receive support for the Steam Workshop!

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