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In thirty days, the kingdom of Caldonia will come to an end. A team is sent on a journey to investigate the findings of an old prophet that now sits atop of a serine mountain awaiting the end of days. He has translated parchments that say a volcano will erupt in the west of Caldonia that will be so powerful it will cover the entire island with lava and block the sun with its volcanic ash that will destroy all life on the planet.


Narall the joy

This young angel is the child of the god Ginath and a crime lord turned mayor named Cordelia Pellaera. After a life of trying to get into the skirts of the king's maidens he will be forced into active duty with his first mission to investigate a prophecy that is said to destroy the world.

Surak the business

The demon Halfling is all business and he has a strong sense of duty that will push him to accomplish any goal. He has been paired with an angel and later joined by a young girl. Eventually the cracks in Surak's proud character begin to show as he tires of fighting the negative stereotype of demons and longs to give in to temptation.

Isarai the informative

The animal loving grand daughter of an abusive prophet. After hearing that the world will end, she knows that she has to stop it, but not to save the world. She only wants to spite her grand father. At her side most of the time is her loveable dog named Fartsy.


- Rich story with memorable characters
- Great mapping, not just from me, but other top VX mappers
- Mutating dungeons that change the second time through
- So far there are hours of game play (alpha testers have spent 4-7 hours one spent 12 hours), despite not having any enemy battles (yet)
- Score system that keeps track of how much you have done in the game
- Quest log, so you do not get confused
- Two modes of play. The first follows the story, the other allows for free form exploration of anything and everything
- Puzzles and plenty of them. Shutter doors that force you to complete a puzzle to advance, push rocks, switches, and things that are more out of the ordinary
- Rewarded for exploration, even though this is still an alpha, there are plenty of cool things to find
- Epic dungeons! Sure in the start of the game there are some easy dungeons / caves / mines, but as the game goes on, they get epic
- Weather patterns, not that they matter or affect gameplay, but there are weather patterns for areas
- Traps, yes there are traps, but you can see them, so it is your own fault if you step in them. There are no cheap traps that you MUST get hit by.
- Day and night, with NPCs recognizing both with their greetings.
- A lighthearted approach with humor. Sure there are serious things in the game, but not everything is deadly serious. Nor is this a comedy game or parody game.


graphikal -> volcano exterior
Irock -> teeming port
modern algebra -> tunnel
sellout -> 5 floor lighthouse
captain regal -> exile shrine
lennon -> fortress
kentona -> detailed oxdale village


Everyone has a photo of their title screen, but mine moves

- NO enemies. That is right, no enemies at all, because this is only the alpha.
- Barely any NPCs. Like I said, it is an alpha. Many of the non important NPCs have pertinant information that they randomly tell you.
- No classes, no character development. Just maps.

- A whole lot of maps. More maps than you can shake a stick at!
- You can play either "Play Test" that lets you go anywhere at any time
- You can play "Follow the Path" that will guide you vaguely through the game.
- Storyline goes halfway through the game, but you can still complete the game, there is just no dialog for the second half of the storyline. The quest log will then guide you.

- You are bored, you want to see what my first project in a year is.
- You want to find bugs and laugh at them AND REPORT THEM.

- It is an alpha. Not a beta, not a demo, this is an alpha.

Latest Blog

4 Hours In

At almost four hours into replaying the game and adding battles, I have reached the boss of the ghost mission (4th mission). The combat is getting very enjoyable, which is saying a lot; because there is no fancy battle system (like a side battle system). Instead there are weather based abilities and abilities gained by what you have.

At four hours in, the strengths and weaknesses become more obvious. When a foe is weak to swords, you will notice that swords hit a whopping 350 more damage. Originally it was probably only 100 more damage when you first start the game.



After passing a few ideas against the greatest test player there will ever be, he came up with king creatures. There is already a King Coyote in the game, but now there will be king creatures. The game keeps track of how many of each foe you have killed and once you have killed 100 of a creature, a king creature appears.

This leads to some quirky fun, because if you’ve been grinding to level up, seeing these king creatures will hasten your level grinding. Not that you ever really need to level grind. I have plodded through the game without side tracking and there is no need to grind.

The king creatures also leave behind unique treasures, some of which lead to quests and other treasures.


Technically now it is 111, but there are 108 enemies in the game that now account for a percentage completed in the game. I personally have only defeated 58 of them I do believe. As mentioned before in the previous blog, these enemies are diverse from magic users, to combatants, to enemies that help their team with status effects or hinder your team with status effects. To top it off, each enemy has a strategy against it, whether that strategy is specific magic, being immune to weapons or being weak to a specific type of weapons like swords. It does keep battles thought provoking.


Boss characters are certainly a stand out in this game. In fact there is a combat pit full of them. Battles against bosses are different and unique, but not because of their strengths and weaknesses, but because of what else they do. Some bosses litter the zone with their minions and call for new ones every chance they get, while others are monstrous enough to fight you alone. Before you know it, each time you fight the same boss, the battle is different.

Then on top of it is the weather related abilities. Each of the weather related abilities are meant to work as a team and each set of abilities has a different strategy. There is more than one strategy for each boss, but of course the trick is figuring out which strategy to use.


I have painstakingly gone through each “battle area” and littered it with unique items. Each area has a unique, sword, shield, knife, dagger, staff, rod / wand, club, claws, spear, boots, gauntlets / gloves and so on. This will have treasure hunters going for a while and it makes the equipment much more diverse than what you buy at the stores.


Like Dragon Quest games, there is a collector that wants to give you equipment for your achievements. He has always been in the game, but now he actually gives equipment. Once you have collected enough dwarf beards, he gives a net. Steal the king’s diamonds and the collector is the only one that will touch them. Not only is there a collector, but a hunter and a chef that do the same thing as the collector.


These are simple, randomly placed in the “battle areas” and give you either positive status effects or negative ones. Poison, darkness, silence, confusion, HP up, MP up, blessing, Attack UP or Down, Defense UP or Down, Spirit UP or Down, Agility UP or Down and finally blessing. After each crystal is used it burns out for a minute, so before you know it, you can use them again. Of course if you still have a status effect, they will not turn back on until you have lost it. This prevents the player from waiting there for the good status effects.


For those who have played the game before, you know about the traps. Now the traps are more diverse, which lands you into some interesting combat situations. If you get silenced by a trap then fight a flock of shades which are immune to weapons, it does make the game more interesting. With the world of Caldonia, the status effects are only temporary, so you must endure their attacks or find a new strategy.


There have always been colored doors in the game, but now the colored doors are implemented into the houses, castle and other places. This restricts the new player from getting lost or treasure hunting each house only to be disappointed when there is nothing (although there is a clear warning in the game).

Now there are rewards behind the doors. There are treasures from the rare weapon and equipment to the more likely HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Spirit, and Agility raiser. The world is now littered with them to reward the treasure hunter instead of having a great big empty house.


Sure there are more rewards and treasure chests, but with enemies and treasures come mimics. Like all traps in the game, the mimics are visible to those that know how to see them. As for the other deadly creatures, there are gargoyles in the game that are designed for you to lose. Just like War Mechs of Final Fantasy, gargoyles are designed to win. Oh you can defeat the gargoyles and earn major experience, but chances are, your party will be killed off one by one. Also fighting against a monster made of rock is a very tedious experience.


The talkers now have full screen faces, but only at the expense of an extra 8 MB of file size. This was always intended, but I was trying to keep the file size as small as possible. When the original file was 54 MB, the game was not getting any smaller.
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Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Community games are pretty cool. Do all your maps need to be so big?

I feel this'd really benefit from more detail on the direction of this game and how to participate.
Maps can be whatever you want them to be. Irock just made his REALLY big. Actually I should probably make it land locked and make it the BIG CITY.


1. Post a message saying "I want to do map 13."
2. Map 13 is a shrine with an informative wizard
3. Start a brand new project in RPG Maker VX
4. Then you make a shrine with an informative wizard
5. Then you post a link to your project here.

6. Then I download it and add it to the main file
7. Then I mark on the list *** DONE
no disrespect, but I really don't think you can put a decent game together in 30 days.
No disrespect taken. There is another forum that would have insulted and bashed their way through the post.

Technically it already has taken longer than 30 days to get to this point. I wrote the story for a 2nd chapter of World Crafters. Then I made that chapter 2 story its own story, So it has been about a year of me writing the story.

If I have something good and it takes longer than 30 days, it will take as long as it takes to make something that is not crap :-)
I'm doing number 5 then I suppose.
Although I'm only getting the trial version so it's gonna be kinda small. Whatever.
I call #11. What do you mean by scepter though? Like in a treasure or at the tip top of the lighthouse like a lightning rod???
Thank you all 3 :-) I got sellout's lighthouse already, and Lennon's interiors for the fortress.

I never thought about making the scepter a lightning rod. The scepter will be what lights the peak of the lighthouse.

I am really interested to see what the shrine will look like.
I am done with the Shrine I uplaoded the download to my locker. Pm me if their is a problem
The shrine turned out looking great, creative and nicely event detailed :-) Thanks a lot. The fortress was short, sweet and had everything it needed, including interesting interiors. The lighthouse was quite a multi-platformed puzzle.
I have uploaded some maps from the project incase anyone would like to add to them or detail them. So that way it is more of a community project and adds some spice to everything. You can read the details and find the download here:

The no more takers thing usually happens. Unless people are just *talking* about things, nothing really gets done. Plus this is VX and people see it as inferior graphically. This project is also on another forum and there are 3 people working on other things. If they will finish though, I do not know. Either way, the game will get done :-)
One of RMN's Top 10 Admins of all-time
So how is this coming along? I'm curious as to how you're going to turn a collection of maps into a playable game.
It is going well so far, but I have had other obligations in life the past few days. It is less a collection of maps, more I made the world map... with 17 or so locations. Then other people made the locations. I already had the game written out. It was going to be for the 3rd world of my World Crafter's game. Because only 2 people ever made it to the 3rd world (where the game ends) I never added the 3rd world, but I had the story.

The story has changed with the alpha testers, its a lot more comedic :-)
I'll do number 8 give me a week and ill uplaod to locker.
The last and final thing :-) Good luck Kalinko :-)
Wow. This looks really fun. I love all the mapping!

When it becomes something to download I'll review it. =)
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