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Stories abound of the Silver Maiden, who had selflessly reaches out to those in need, and revered among the people as a heroine. Yet, who really knows of her life before that time? That she was woman of noble birth, and who only sought to be able to make her own decisions, without the weight and complications of politics, or her family's name, to tie her down? Or how close it was that history would have never even heard of the Silver Maiden in the first place?

Initially made during the Wonderful World event, using "Waterfall Hike" as inspiration. A copy of this image can also be found in my locker. Gameplay features include deathblows, and party size modifications.

Latest Blog

Game complete!

Things have been a little crazy, and I might not quite be out of the woods yet. Still, after adding more content, then doing what additional playtesting and bug removal I can, I think I can call this...


The complete version has been set as the main download. If you're curious, you can still access the old demo either on the download tab here, or on the event page for Wonderful World.

It's still very early in the year, and while Misao nominations aren't available yet (I hope they will be soon), I would absolutely appreciate nominations for at least the How the Hell Did They DO That!? Award.
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  • 01/22/2024 05:52 PM
  • 02/17/2024 01:32 PM
  • 02/06/2024
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